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If April showers bring May flowers, then what do April snow flurries bring? This has been the question that has been plaguing Kent State University’s campus along with the pitiful weather. We just don’t know what to do with our closets! I brought all of my winter coats home last week, and oh have I been regretting that decision. I looked like a vagabond with my sweater, sweatshirt, flannel and vest combination. Amongst the crowds of girls walking around in rain boots, pastel baseball caps and calve length parkas; a Fashionisto stood out.

Name: CJ Pietragallo

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about what you are wearing.

CJ Pietragallo: My crewneck is from GAP Inc. and my denim shirt and pants are from H&M. I bought my boots from L.L.Bean. My hat is Neff and this is my snowboarding jacket from O’Neill.

 CF: Describe your personal style.

CP: I guess you could just say ‘different.’ I don’t have any rules or guidelines. I like to be comfortable and if I like something I see, I’ll wear it.

 CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

CP: I have a nice blue cable knit cardigan. I love it. It’s my staple.

 CF: What are your plans for after graduation?

CP: Well I own a business, so hopefully that takes off. If it doesn’t, then I’d like to get into some urban street style blogging.

 CF: Where do you look for style inspiration?

CP: I always make sure to check out GQ street style. It always gives me a good idea. Celebrities are also a driving force because they are always ahead on trends.

How To: Whether you are a Fashionisto looking for a wardrobe refresher or a Fashionista whose boyfriend is stuck in the sweatpants/sports team T-shirt style, here is a way to capture this Fashionisto’s look. First and foremost, denim pants are a necessity. Next, get a button-up, preferably denim and layer it under a crewneck sweater or sweatshirt. Finally, tie the look together with a jacket, pair of boots and a beanie. You, or your significant other is ready to seize the day in an ensemble that breaks the typical college guy mold.


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