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It must have been the perfect moment or at least my broken sandal was to blame. Let me explain. As I was deciding whether to embrace my inner nature girl and walk barefoot to class or hobble there with a broken sandal, I found this young man sitting on the steps with his skateboard underfoot. Perfection. A well-dressed student just waiting for me to interview. His chinos caught my eye. They had the perfect pop of color that made his outfit catching. I quickly slipped off my sandals and approached him.

Name: Christopher Stampar

Major: International Relations

Year: 2014

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Christopher Stampar: I would have to say my style is preppy. A little mix of skater too. [He pauses to look down at his shirt and pants] Today is a more skater day I guess. I try to dress comfortably, but I don’t compromise my style. I like patterns and colors that are visually interesting.

CF: Well I am a fan! Did it take you a while to build your style?

CS : Yeah, a little bit of time. I’d say I started forming my own taste when I entered high school. Moving down here has definitely given me more incentive to dress well. Most people are more conscious of how they look, so people appreciate what your wearing.

CF: That’s true, Miami is fashion conscious. Would you say that you have any fashionable guys or gals you take tips from?

CS: Yeah. One of my favorite sources is a website called Unabashedly Prep. The writer’s name is F.E. Castleberry. I really like his style and I follow a lot of his work online.

How To: Colored bottoms are trending at the moment. I’m sure all of you readers know this. If not just hit your local mall and I bet you’ll find displays of colorful denim and khaki at store such as Gap. Yes, colored bottoms are somewhat of a risky investment. It is okay to have doubts about them; but hopefully this lovely gent will make you think twice. My response to those looking to try the trend would be to take everything in moderation. When hitting the stores look for colored denims or khakis that are versatile. Personally, I would shy away from brighter colors and go for more muted ones. If you’re out to step up your style then take a tip from this Fashionisto. Here, he pairs his colorful chinos with a dark gray tee with printed eyes. The graphics add a nice artistic touch that takes his shirt from boring to boss. A simple, yet masculine watch contrasts his blush khakis. His black shoes serve to be functional and fashionable. Mixing touches of bright color and muted accessories, this Fashionisto looks put together and eclectic.


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