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Winter has yet to arrive in D.C. While the temperatures have dropped, the sun still shines brightly between clouds and the puffy winter coats that litter other schools have yet to make it out of closets. While many Fashionistas/os around campus jump for joy at the fact that D.C. has yet to receive a downpour of snow and rain on a consistent basis like many other cities, it just does not feel like the end of the semester at all.
This Fashionisto proves that the mild weather has students learning to perfect the art of layering. He pairs a brown coat with a lightweight gray T-shirt, a pair of medium wash jeans and two-tone Sperry Top-Siders. With the ever changing weather, this Fashionisto opted for a warm coat and a thin shirt, so that as the weather changed throughout the day he would never be neither cold nor hot. He finishes off the outfit with his Boston Red Sox cap, taking the outfit to a more casual level, allowing him to grocery shop and go to class without feeling overdressed.
Name: Christopher Saccardo
Major: History and Journalism
Year: Sophomore
CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your style inspiration from?
Christopher Saccardo: Probably, just the people around me. I guess it’s a little hipster, but if I were to peg an actor I’d probably say Emile Hirsch from Into the Wild, when he has a beard or maybe even Johnny Depp.
CF: How would you describe your style?
CS: I’d like to think I have a pretty rugged, yet urbane kind of look. I try to keep a good deal of scruff on my face at all times, but I wouldn’t say I am a woodsy kind of guy. I don’t like looking completely clean, but I don’t like to come off as a slouch at all. I like to dress up with a slim fit suit, but on a typical day I am usually wearing skinny jeans and some sort of V-neck shirt.
CF: If you could be famous for always wearing one specific article of clothing or accessory, what would it be and why?
CS: Black skinny tie for sure. I like it because it’s classy, but it’s not really formal. It’s perfect for going out and has a little bit of a different kind of flair.
CF: What are you looking forward to buying this winter holiday?
CS: This winter I am probably going to be getting socks, but that is not very exciting. I am also hoping to get a nice slim fit blazer.
How To: In order to survive the D.C. winter, the key is learning how to layer properly. Classrooms are much warmer than the wintery air, so plan accordingly. Try this lightweight army green T-shirt from James Perse, paired with a medium wash jean from 7 For All Mankind. For the perfect coat, not only the cut but also the color matters. For colder days, try this Dock peacoat from J.Crew which you can wear a big sweater with. For days when it’s warm enough out to just wear a T-shirt, try this coat from Barbour.


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