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This Fashionisto teaches us the importance of being an individual and most importantly being confident in what you wear, no matter how weird it might be. This ensemble is perfectly casual but has its little perks to keep things interesting. One of them being the DIY American flag patches he glued to his pockets, as well as some simple gray socks his friend brought to life with silver studs. While I caught this Fashionisto on a rare casual day minus his goth platform boots, his multiple DIY pieces and confidence in his eclectic style is what makes him an inspiration.

Name: Christopher Pond

Year: Freshman

Major: Beauty Industry

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

Christopher Pond: I got the American flag on my butt from the dollar store, my shoes are from Forever 21 and my friend made the socks!

CF: How would you describe your style?

CP: My ideal style is a mixture of alien, homeless redneck, hyper glam and Morticia Addams.

CF: What’s your favorite item in your closet?

CP: My five-inch platform Goth boots.

CF: What’s a major fashion faux pas in your opinion?

CP: Trying to be like everyone else; Girls who try to be different the same way that everyone else is. There’s just like this website, or this magazine somewhere that tells them to wear something and all of them read it. So I think that now that I’m in LA, cause I’m from Houston, I can wear what I want and I’m going to start dressing how I’ve always wanted to dress, which is weird. Which I’m not in today! Wait till I’m wearing something real weird, like my fishnets.  But yeah, trying to be like everyone else. I think It’s all about individual style. If you want to wear something that you like, even if it could be misconstrued as weird or something like that, still wear it. Wear it because you feel good in it, not because someone tells you that you’re supposed to wear something else. 

CF: Do you have a fashion motto that you’d like to tell people?

CP: Just rock it out. 

How To:  In order to achieve this casual glam look, begin with a simple black and white T-shirt. Instead of plain denim cutoffs, try a little DIY and find some cool fabric to glue to the pockets or just go with some that are already made, like these. Finally, you can never go wrong with some scuffed up combat boots and a pair of eye-catching socks. Don’t forget to rock it out!


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