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The slushy streets left over from the downtown flooding this week are definitely not the ideal runway for the many McGill trendsetters out there. However, no amount of ice or complicated road blockage detours were going to prevent this Fashionisto from rocking a glamourous and sophisticated take on winter apparel. The luxurious fur collar of his jacket and subdued green leather gloves were simply unmissable. All the way from the narrow lace-up leather shoes to the round, tortoise shell, thick-rimmed glasses, this look is completely personalized and put together. This Fashionisto left his rubber boots at home and instead brought this remarkable, original look to campus.

Name: Charles Bernardi

Major: International Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: It’s so easy to roll out of bed and into sweatpants. Do you try to avoid the college student’s “comfy trap”?

Charles Bernardi: I feel so much better about myself when I dress like I care. Bad days happen in university, especially with midterm stress and everything. Dressing well can really turn a bad day around. It makes those days just a little better. 

CF: Do you ever feel the urge to pull out the rubber snow boots and parka?

CB: Not really, though my feet are a little cold right now to be perfectly honest. Other than that, I’ve pretty much mastered layering to deal with the weather here. Fur helps a lot, and cashmere is just the greatest thing in the world. 

CF: Do you take inspiration for your style from anywhere/anyone in particular?

CB: I can’t think of a single idol I have. Montreal is such a stylish city, there are so many trendy people here I look at and take inspiration from.

CF: Where would you advise fellow college students to go to find the perfect wardrobe pieces to turn a look into a statement?

CB: Well Montreal has a lot to offer as it is. I’d tell them to check out thrift stores, sale racks, sample sales, all those places they wouldn’t usually run to. That’s where they’ll find the special stuff.

How To: This Fashionisto has found the perfect leather-fur combo. The simplicity of neutral colours make his look all the more classy. The right black winter coat can dress up any outfit for the daytime, especially when it has a bit of length. For the finger-stinging cold, a pair of leather gloves like the forest green ones this Fashionisto has chosen are the perfect elegant touch to a daytime or evening style. If you’re really feeling the impact of a crazy collar like this Fashionisto’s, a coat with a fur collar, or even just wide lapels, is a trend worth trying out.


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