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Finals are approaching and most of us are finding ourselves ditching our denim for our sweats. With the late nights in the library and the early mornings rushing to the computer lab, waking up a little earlier in the morning to select an outfit no longer fits in our schedule. I spotted this Fashionisto from afar, noticing his Lennon shirt immediately, and I knew I had to stop him. Turns out, he’s got a lot to say about the fashion scene, especially on combining the old with the new. Read up, guys and gals alike, because this Fashionisto is offering quality advice.

Name: Carlos Barata

Major: Anthropology & Sociology, Music

Year: Senior

CollegeFasionista: Who and/or what influences your style?

Carlos Barata: I’d probably have to go with musicians and my father. With a blend of interests in 21st century music (i.e. pop, indie, rock) and music stemming 50 to 60 years ago (i.e. classic rock, Motown), I think I can compromise with an edgy and casual, yet clean and polished look. After immigrating to America from Portugal in the ’80s, my father modeled suits in his spare time – he has always been a major proponent of dressing sharp and being comfortable.  

CF: Where do you shop?

CB: Honestly, it really varies. Aside from gifts and shopping my father’s wardrobe, I usually roam when I need, and stumble upon things. If it works, it works. Hot Topic is the place for the best band/music tees – where I snagged this Lennon one. I’m a huge fan of the variety and affordability at stores likes Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Ross – where I got the gray Converse kicks. The list goes on, and its so random.

CF: What advice do you have for guys who are trying to improve wardrobe?

CB: First, I’d say “listen to your girlfriend – she knows what she’s talking about.” Next, I’d say “don’t try so hard, it’s easier than you think.” Lastly, I’d say “black is your friend” – just because I love the color. Overall, I’d say I’m pretty plain when it comes to my wardrobe. Nowadays it seems most guys are trying way too hard to be flashy. To me, it’s all about coordination and combination and balancing casual and formal in a simple, yet creative way. It’s not about the bling, bro.  

CF: How has music influenced your style?

CB: I’d say music is most influential from a performer’s point of view. Playing around and out, while featuring my own original music, requires a special sensitivity to personal image and style – you need to stand out and resonate with new or existing fans, but also provide a relatable experience. I think it breaks down a lot of barriers with audiences – getting off your high horse and being like, “Hey, I’m the entertainment for the evening, but I’m also human just like you.” At the end of the day, music makes me care about how I look. After all, you never know who could be watching.

How To: This look is all about personalization. Start with your favorite band T-shirt (hint: pick a band that you actually listen to because, chances are, someone is going to ask you about it). Next, throw on a flannel. You don’t have to be super match-y with their either – sometimes the best looks come from carelessness. Then, slip on slim-fit jeans (this Fashionisto chose his slate gray denim). Lastly, lace up your kicks for full comfort throughout the day. Model an ensemble similar to this Fashionisto’s anywhere from the library to your final – and even to the party that comes afterward.


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