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At a school as small as York College, the likelihood of finding a Fashionisto or stylish dude on campus can at times be a bit slim. Not to say that there aren’t a few put together, well- groomed and impeccably dressed guys walking around campus, because there are. Yet, as a whole, it does appear that the male population on campus (more times than not) chooses to flaunt sweatpants, basketball shorts or hooded sweatshirts over anything else. I sympathize with this style decision to an extent. Having a younger brother of my own, I know how difficult coordinating outfits or simply finding clothing long enough for the ever-growing male can be. But come on guys, I know you can do better.

Having been on a Fashionisto hunt since late January, I was refreshingly surprised when I came across this Fashionisto and his cool, casual style. Sporting a plaid flannel button-down over a purple V-neck T-shirt, classic Levi’s jeans and brown leather boots, I felt drawn to him and immediately rushed over to compliment this Fashionisto on his classic, casual style. He responded by exclaiming “Thanks! I think you are the first person to call me fashionable!” This interesting and enlightening remark made me wonder if perhaps all the male population on campus needs is some encouragement and reassurance to bring out their style and fashion sense. So to all the men on campus, I encourage you to flaunt your personal style and step out of your comfort zone. I dare you all to be the Fashionistos you know you can be.

Name: Cameron Reeve

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communications

CollegeFashionista: What influences your style?

Cameron Reeve: Honestly, I’m not really sure. I guess it’s how I feel that day. My mood is probably the biggest influencer.

CF: Do you prefer to wear colors or patterns?

CR: I usually stick to solid colors, especially solid-colored T-shirts.

CF: What would you wear to an interview? Would you keep your casual style?

CR: My style for interviews is very classy and formal. I usually wear a nice dress shirt, tie and suit. I gravitate towards shades of blue for interviews because I was once told that blue is more professional and for some reason can make someone appear trustworthy. 

How To: To replicate this Fashionisto’s cool and casual look you will first need to find a button-down shirt with an interesting pattern or color. For a button-down with a little bit of both try this Urban Outfitter’s geo print button-down shirt. Layer the button-down shirt over a dark gray V-neck T-shirt and a pair of comfortable jeans. Keep the look casual but exchange the brown leather boots for a pair of American Eagle chukka sneakers or wingtip shoe. Add an over-the-shoulder bag and you’ll be ready for class or a casual night out.


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