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Bring on the pastels and stripes! It finally feels like spring and not even the blooming cherry blossom trees can compete with the amount of color parading on campus. From mint to cotton candy blue, outfits are making a statement this March and kissing those winter dark neutrals goodbye. In terms of patterns, I’ve noticed what florals are to women is what stripes are to men. These repeating lines vary in width, color and direction so you can guarantee you won’t see the same striped item twice.

This Fashionisto has chosen to participate in a less boastful striped ensemble. However as I zoomed in for detail shots, I noticed distinct lime green and pink pastels throughout the primary blue fabric. From far away, these stripes are not easily seen and gives the shirt the essence of a solid color — a great choice for a humble Fashionisto not interested in a bolder stripe. He pairs his relaxed striped button-down with navy blues in both his fleece vest and dark wash jeans, remembering that spring occasionally has chilly moments during the day. A great pair of gray, suede moccasin loafers completes his casual ensemble, taking a step in the other direction from the infamous boat shoes. He accessorizes with a classic silver watch, which is ultimately the best wrist wear a man can own.

Name: Brendan Kean

Year: Senior

Major: Finance

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Brendan Kean: My personal style can be defined as a prepared presentation. I derive my personal style choices from the odd chance that one day I may meet a future employer just by walking down the street or in an inconspicuous convenient store. You can never predict what may happen, so you might as well be dressed to impress when you walk out the door. 

CF: What are your favorite stores? Do you consider yourself a brand loyal customer to some of them?

BK: I would have to say my favorite store is Macy’s. It has all the brands I wear with an abundance of options. I would consider myself a loyal brand customer to the brands that I wear, such as Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide, but I enjoy trying new things as long as it fits into that realm of clothing.

CF: Other than stripes, are there any other patterns you’re fond of wearing or would be willing to try?

BK: Yes, argyle and plaid are two other patterns I like to wear often. When it comes to trying a new pattern, I’m willing to do so after I spend a good amount of time looking at it and visualizing it as an outfit.

How To: Stripes can be bold or muted — it just depends on your personal preference. Thin stripes tend to express a calmer demeanor whereas wide stripes commonly represent a stand-out character. Take a different approach in casual outfit wear and incorporate a pair of striped shorts or pants instead of the overused denim. It’ll be like a breath of fresh air, no pun intended.


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