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Flannels are classic. They are the one staple that has been passed down from generation to generation, of course with some slight changes along the way. Men can be a mystery sometimes but one thing is for sure — they love flannels! When it comes down to it, take a chance and try the bright flannel with a contrast color or pattern. This Fashionisto has pulled off the mixing of patterns and bright colors in a perfect balance of comfy and cool.

Name: Bill Geisinger

Major: Music Production

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Bill Geisinger: I would describe my personal style as comfy. I like to be warm and cozy, especially in the winter. Corduroys and flannels are my go-to. Since I am a music major, I wear a lot of band T-shirts and sweatshirts to support the bands I like.

CF: Where do you get your fashion inspirations?

BG: I get my fashion inspirations from bands. I always look at the artist of the bands I like to get ideas for outfits. They normally always wear the clothes I like for example, T-shirts and jeans with beanies.

CF: What are some of your favorite stores to shop?

BG: I like to shop at Urban Outfitters, H&M and T.J. Maxx. Urban Outfitters always has really cool graphic T-shirts. H&M has really good basic shirts and sweatshirts in every color. T.J. Maxx is also a great place because they have good deals on designer items — I always look for jeans there. I also buy band merchandise since I go to a lot of shows.

How To: I love that this Fashionisto has taken a chance with his flannel and used a bright color with a stripe beanie. To imitate this look try a blue and red flannel with a black and white stripe T-shirt, a leather jacket and an OBEY beanie for a effortless cool look.


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