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It is needless to say that Greek life is a dominant force on this campus. With people constantly hopping on the fashion band wagon, how do Fashionistas and Fashionistos stand out in a world that could be so small? I found a Fashionisto who does just that. Polo Ralph Lauren is a popular choice among fraternity boys, but this Fashionisto recreated the typical look and made it his own complementing his button-down with a winter vest and snap-back. The accessorizing is subtle enough, but shows personality and originality.

Name: Ben Bobick

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Sophomore

CF: How would you describe your style?

BB: I would say my style is a bit different than the environment I’m in. Being in a fraternity there are obviously stereotypes that come with it. I haven’t changed my style much since high school. I’m about 10-15 minutes outside the city of Pittsburgh, so I like to consider myself an inner city kid. I enjoy dressing the way I do because it gives people a sense of where I come from and what I grew up with.

CF: What is your favorite thing to wear in the winter time?

BB: My favorite thing to wear in the winter time doesn’t change much from summer. I tend to wear V-necks a lot with jeans and Polo shoes. I’m also a big fan of the vest game. I take any chance I can to wear a nice button-down or anything of that sort with a vest.

CF: What are your favorite designers and brands?

BB: I tend to wear Polo a lot when it comes to collared shirts, button-downs and shoes. I’m a big Levi’s guy, and it’s been that way ever since I could wear jeans. They’re something I grew up wearing and still do. I am a huge fan of Nike when it comes to athletic clothing. When it comes to dress pants or shorts of any sort, I like J.Crew. They fit and look the best. I’m all about looking good and feeling good.

CF: Who is your fashion icon?

BB: This is probably the easiest question you could have asked me: Justin Timberlake, hands down. He’s the man.

How To: Try dressing up the outfit, and make the ladies think you’re putting some effort on a Friday night with just a few steps. The vest can work, especially because of the brutal cold weather, but leave the snap-back for going to class. To add some class, swap the jeans for khakis and slip on a pair of boat shoes or my personal favorite, the “moc boot.”


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