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The simplicity, power and beauty of monochrome is often underrated. The classic pairing of black and white is probably one the easiest, yet bold trends this season. While Marc Jacobs experimented with stripes and graphics, we saw polka dots, patterns, solid colors splashed with emblems, prints and so much more in the market. This Fashionisto caught my eye as he walked down the corridor with the confidence of an artist, wearing a shirt with dolman sleeves, which he later revealed, was picked up from the women’s wear section at ASOS.

Name : Anurag Dubey

Major : Fashion Designing

Year : Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Anurag Dubey: My sense of style is sort-of inspired from punk. I try to not make it mainstream and contemporize ‘punk’ based on what I see in magazines or on television, giving a very next-door look to it. I don’t like accessorizing much, the most I will wear is a wrist band, maybe.

CF: Any recent trend which has changed your style statement to a large extent?

AD: Since I am obsessed with punk, I like keeping my head shaved from both the sides. That’s one style I am gonna carry forever. I think I’m gonna keep it always!

CF: What is the must-have in your wardrobe?

AD: Basic black fitted jeans.

CF: What have you recently added to your wardrobe?

AD: I have started wearing a lot of crewneck T-shirts and shirts, crop T-shirts. I also have started to like scarves.

CF: Favorite brands to shop at?

AD: ASOS, Forever 21 Men and Zara for wardrobe staples.

How To: Looking to rock your monochrome look this season? Pair a well-fitted clean black jeans with an ombré print monochrome T-shirt or a color-blocked T-shirt and a nice pair of sneakers/ loafers. A pair of black jeans will probably last you forever, so its a good investment!


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