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It’s officially time to throw on those lively colors that have been hibernating in your closet for the past couple of months. This warm weather sure does bring out the best in me, and I’m sure you feel the same way. Sunny days are supposed to be enjoyed with single layer outfits, so I’m glad we can finally take pleasure in that. Based off of his Breton T-shirt and boat shoes, this Fashionisto’s look seemed to be ocean-inspired. After we got to talking, I realized that this was just his casual attire for a few errands he needed to run. Either way, his mix of colors and accessories caught my attention. It was a clean fit for a quick run around campus.

Name: Andrew White

Major: Business Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me about your style and a little bit about the outfit you chose for today?

Andrew White: Well, usually I wear a tie and a coat to look more business professional. Today’s outfit is more of a casual thing. I have on a T-shirt with a pair of dress pants. Wearing Sperry Top-Siders without socks with a T-shirt kind of tones it down. 

CF: Tell me more about the accessories you’re wearing.

AW: I just got done working out, which explains my casual look. I wear these bracelets all the time. They’re kind of like an everyday thing. I feel like they are fairly neutral colored, which makes them easy to wear every day. If I have on a brown watch, white watch or black watch, it all goes together well. 

CF: What are you going to be wearing more of once this weather picks up?

AW: I usually always wear something with a collar, so it’s rare that you caught me without one. I’ll usually wear an Oxford shirt that’s untucked with some khaki shorts and a pair of Sperry Top-Siders or sneakers. Something along those lines.

How To: Whether it’s long sleeve or short sleeve, Breton shirts have been stylish for so long that I’m not sure they’ll ever go out of style. Pablo Picasso, Jean Paul Gaultier and Andy Warhol have all been huge supporters of the style. There’s just something so clean about the stripes that hypnotize the eyes in awe. Once you find your Breton T-shirt, this look is basically complete. A pair of dress pants are great for cooler weather but a pair of shorts will look even better on those hot beach days. Make sure not to draw any attention away from the Breton stripes because those are the most important. A sleek watch and a pair of clean boat shoes will have the ladies swooning over your dope, nautical look. Most of you already have the pieces to this outfit. Just go grab that Breton shirt and soon you’ll feel like your living in an Axe Body Spray commercial.


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