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You know it’s fall when the flannels come out from the back of our closets and take over campus. This Fashionisto knows how to change up traditional flannel by mixing different plaids within his shirt as well as his jacket. He creates a classic and comfortable look by adding a pair of wingtip leather dress shoes. This Fashionisto lets his personal style shine with a pop of color in his socks and the mixed textures seen throughout his look. The warm palette, classic patterns and layers that he incorporates into his outfit creates the perfect fall ensemble.

Name: Alex Levine

Major: International Political Economy and Chinese Major

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style.

Alex Levine: Describing my style is a tough task–I have never been asked that before. I buy things that fit well and are simple, but that complement my zaney personality. If I do get inspiration it is from travel and Japanese mens fashion. Otherwise, It all starts with my shoes really. Early in high school I used to collect sneakers. Every paycheck I got from work and every birthday/holiday gift was devoted towards expanding my shoe collection. I must have had about 30 pairs of shoes ranging from Clarks wallabees, to reebok pumps, to really rare Nike SBs. Shoes still make the look but, my choices now are more limited and simpler, as my current shoe collection pales in comparison to that of my high school days. I wear boots, or more formal shoes for the most part, but if I am wearing sneakers they are simple and not loud– Nike Frees, New Balance 993s or Converse All-Stars. Once the shoes are picked out, it is pretty simple. I wear jeans and a button-up shirt. I like interesting patterns, but a well-fitted simple oxford does the trick.

CF: Does fashion play an important role in your life?

AL: Aesthetics and an appreciation for clothing is ingrained in me. My mom collects vintage clothing and jewelry, and has a bigger closet than anyone I have ever met. If you have a good sense of aesthetics and appreciate fashion, it is impossible to not constantly be aware of what other people are wearing. When I have the time, I still read men’s fashion blogs/online magazines to see what’s cool. Even if my wallet cannot afford it, I am always down to see whats new at my favorite stores in New York (favorite store without a doubt is Nepenthes)

CF: What are your wardrobe staples?

AL: I am wearing my wardrobe staples. That flannel shirt is reffered to as “the shirt.” If I need a little luck, or I am trying to have a fun night, I am wearing the shirt. It has been with me since freshman year. I buy a new pair of jeans every year and a half or so. The ones I have now are from Japan, the brand is Momotaro. 

How To: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and texture especially in the fall. When wearing your cozy flannel try to incorporate a pattern shirt or jacket. Dress up your outfit by adding a pair of classic oxfords. Accessories can tie your look together; try a fun sock and a statement backpack. Keep these fall must-haves in your wardrobe and take chances with your prints.


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