Fashionisto Spotlight

Just because the streets are full of slush and most of campus is covered in snow that didn’t stop this Fashionisto from looking chic and trendy in the cold weather. I spotted this Fashionisto as we were leaving our morning public relations class. The pop of color caught my eye because it transformed his outfit without being overly bright. Even on a gloomy, snowy day like this, a pop of color in your outfit can really brighten up your day.

Name: Alex Copeland

Major: Strategic Communications

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Alex Copeland: I like to use a pop of color in any outfit. I don’t wear anything too flashy. I like to try to look nice.

CF: Where are your favorite stores to shop at?

AC: I like to shop at H&M. 

CF: What influences your style?

AC: The weather influences my style. I actually just go with the flow. I like to switch things up and try new outfits. 

CF: What are the staple pieces in your wardrobe?

AC: I love my boots and pants. I have boots that can go with most of my outfits, which is ideal in the colder weather. I love my colored pants. They are fun and different. I try to have as much fun as possible when choosing an outfit.

CF: Do you have any men’s fashion tips you would like to share?

AC: Wear bright colors, or colors in general! More men should be more adventurous with their clothing choices. I want to see more colors.

How To: This Fashionisto knows just how to add a pop of color that brightens up the outfit. Start by finding a pair of pants with just the perfect fit and color of your choice. J.Crew has a great selection of men’s pants that come in a variety of colors and styles. The secret to a perfect peacoat is the style and fit of it. This Fashionisto’s peacoat is tailored to perfection and the color allows it to be worn with pants that have a pop of color. There are so many different styles of peacoats so be sure to find the one that fits you the best.


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