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One of the most popular colours for fall is definitely burgundy. If you’re looking for a way to bring colour into your outfit, this dark red is a great one to start with. I spotted this Fashionista on campus rocking the trend by pairing it with some other basics that are perfect for fall. From her black blazer and military boots, to her circle scarf and backpack, her outfit is a great combination of style and comfort. I especially love the unique jewelry she also adds to complete the look!

Name: Violeta Martinez

Major: Business Management

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Violeta Martinez: Chameleon. I can never stick to one style! I like mixing in different styles together. No matter what, I always look for comfort and pieces that fit well in my outfit.

CF: What three items should every Fashionista have in her wardrobe?

VM: Leggings because they go with everything and are so comfy, an oversized sweater for those days you can't figure out what to wear and a neutral coloured shoulder bag that can match different outfits — and save you from buying so many!

CF: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

VM: I get my fashion inspiration from the mannequins, just kidding. I get my inspiration from my friends, celebrities and Fashionistas on the subway. Inspiration is pretty much everywhere I am and inspiration strikes everywhere I go, whether it comes from people or pictures. Rita Ora's style is also a huge inspiration to me.

CF: If money weren't an issue, what item would you splurge on and why?

VM: If money weren’t an issue, the item I would splurge on would be TSOQ. I love that entire store and choosing one item isn’t an option. But if it had to be narrowed down to one item, it would be anything with studs.

CF: What are your favourite fall trends this year?

VM: My favourite fall trends for the season are warm and cozy sweaters, burgundy pants, waxed or coated denim jeans and black and gold accessories!

How To: For this look, start with a pair of burgundy pants and a cream coloured top with a black blazer. Then add a pair of black lace-up boots, a light blue circle scarf and a practical backpack for carrying all those books around campus. Finish it off with a toque and some edgy jewelry, like this Fashionista’s gold leaf earrings and cool metal ring.


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