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Ah, fall: pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha lattés, good hair days and lovely layers. This week’s Fashionista displays one of my favorite fall items to salvage from thrift stores and the back of my mom’s closet: a sweater. She may have gotten it from the little old lady down the street, but her pair of maroon jeggings, boat shoes and mint bag bring it up to date.

Name: Taylor Christie

Major: Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to get your haircut? Has it changed your style?

TC: Honestly, my older sister cut her hair a few years ago and it seemed like such an interesting concept. I had never considered a short cut before then, but I noticed how good it looked on her and how much she loved it, so I thought I'd try it out. When I joined crew (the rowing team) last fall, I was working out a lot more than usual and my hair became such a hassle each morning, so I decided I'd just take the plunge and cut it off. Since then, I've gradually gone shorter and shorter on the sides and I'm loving it right now. It really fits me and I've adjusted my style to fit it. If anything, cutting my hair has made me realize a lot more about my fashion sense and self-style. It's allowed me to really come into my own. I'm not as scared to try certain trends or patterns. 

CF: Do you have any favorite pieces to wear for this season?

TC: I love sweater weather, so my favorite pieces for the fall season would have to be a bunch of old Cosby style sweaters that my dad gave to me from his old college years. They're just so funky and eclectic and I can pair them with anything. Not to mention, they're super comfortable and warm.

CF: Tell me about some shops or designers you like.

TC: I love Urban Outfitters and Karmaloop. They have such a wide variety of items, so I can always find something that I love. They also tend to carry clothes in every trend out at the time, so I can mix and match. And though I could never afford them with my college kid budget, I absolutely love Herve Leger's designs for dresses, and anything by Alexander Wang.

CF: Do you read any fashion magazines?

TC: I love reading Nylon and GQ. They seem to fit my style best. Nylon, because it gives you a look at current trends around the world as well as new ways of wearing different patterns and textures. I love GQ because, although it's for men, it shows exactly how any classy, sophisticated and well-manicured people should take care of themselves on a daily basis. It's all about helping you look your best. And I love men in suits.

CF: What is one item you can’t live without?

TC: I can't live without my pair of Cheap Monday black high-waisted pants—they're so perfect in that I can wear cropped shirts, bodysuits, or tuck in a sweater. I find that tucking shirts into low-rise pants doesn't look as good. High-waisted pants accentuate the female body so wonderfully.

How to: Colored denim, a contrasting cross-body bag and menswear-inspired shoes are all you need to transform an aged sweater into a youthful ensemble. sells tons of ’80s sweaters, like this one. This Fashionista found her pants at Hollister and her shoes at Sperry Top-Sider. For a pop of color, add this similar bag from Marc Jacobs or this affordable one from Wet Seat into the mix.


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