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It's not the weekend yet and being comfortable is what is all about but this Fashionista does so with an edge. What caught my eye is her unique sneakers that keeps her look sporty and relaxed. It is almost that time to retire the boots and find other options to walk around campus with. This season sneakers are essential whether they are Vans, Nikes or the basic canvas style. This Fashionista understands comfortability and verstitality with her style from her jeggings to the knit sweater.

Name: Tayler Drake

Major: Business Economics and International Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your style inspiration?

TD: I just find pieces that I love and make them work with things I already have. I like to see what these pieces match with. I follow a lot of fashion blogs and scroll through the pictures inside like Vogue and random blogs on tumblr.

CF: What is your statement piece?

TD: Am I allowed to say my hair? If so then my hair because I can do so many things with it. If not then a turquoise bracelet that was my grandmothers.

CF: What is your favorite trend for spring?

TD: Definitely the chiffon maxi skirts. They are so versitle and are very easy to dress up or down. Plus you can add your favorite wedge or sandal and make the skirt pop.

CF: How would you describe your style?

TD: I would say pretty ecletic because it changes from my moods. I wear a lot of earth tones like grays and tans.

How To: To dress like Lauren it is important to keep it comfy and cool. Her look is easy and something you can personalize and make your own. This means to mix and match with your most favorite pieces then you can see what it is that you are missing. Start by finding the best pair of sneakers that can be an everyday wear. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of comfortable, bright and fun sneakers that can work with just about everything. Try a printed sneaker with colored jeans and a chunky sweater and you are set. Use you favorite skinny jean and find a comfortable sweater that won't make you itch. Pair all this with some vintage and unique jewelry to keep the look feminine and girly.


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