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On days I find myself feeling lazy and resorting to stepping out in a pair of sweats, I stop myself and reevaluate my decisions. When faced with such temptation, I think of the simplest way to pull an effortless yet fashionable outfit together: neutral with a pop of color —  a go-to trend that this week’s Fashionista impeccably exhibits.

Name: Summayya Ahmed

Major: Pharmacy

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Summayya Ahmed: Taupe silk button down, stockings, brown printed scarf, dark brown leather boots and black coat.

CF: I am in love with your Michael Kors handbag. Are handbags what you normally splurge on? If not, then what?

SA: Yes, I love handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. I believe splurging on such items is in a way an investment because I'm able to wear them no matter what time or season of the year and never get tired of brandishing them.

CF: When you're putting an outfit together in the morning, what article of clothing/accessory do you like to base your outfit on?

SA: It always depends on the occasion; if I'm going to school, it's usually something casual but cute and trendy at the same time, and I always start with the top. If I know I have to look formal for a certain event, then I usually set accessories and jewelry as the baseline and go from there.

How To: If you have a good amount of neutral pieces in your wardrobe, then you’re well on your way to emulating this Fashionista’s chic ensemble. Remember the old rule about not mixing black and brown together? Ditch it and incorporate both in your fall outfits. Pair these black leggings with this “tux boyshirt” from Madewell and these dark brown boots. Complement your look and keep warm during these next few months with this camel cape zip coat from Zara. Spice up your neutral mix with splashes of red with this cashmere scarf and crossbody bag — it’s never start early to start showing off festive colors!


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