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The highlight of last weekend was Synergy Fashion Group’s show “Halogen.” This UD fashion group celebrates senior apparel design majors every year by hosting a runway event to showcase the senior collections, and each year is more spectacular than the last.

Dressed in my fashion-show-going garb, I met my fellow runway spectator on the way to Trabant Center where the show was held. I knew that this Fashionista strutting down Main St. in a sheath dress and heels had somewhere glamorous to be. And glamorous it was — the show was hosted by two lovely gentlemen in bow ties, the music selection was supreme (design major Chelsea Rex’s collection walked to The National, hallelujah), and the clothes…oh, the clothes.

So what does one wear to such a fashion-forward event? This Fashionista does it right. She represents boutique Clothes in the Past Lane in a newly-purchased nude dress, a piece I’ve recently deemed a wardrobe necessity. Her accessories were simple, her outfit feminine and the look interesting in its details. While some runway events draw out the crazies in our closets, this Fashionista keeps it understated and classic — definitely a refreshing look. We caught up after the show for a quick style chat and to gush about the seniors’ collections.

Name: Stephanie Downes

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What did you think of the show?

Stephanie Downes: I was really blown away by all the different techniques and how professional it all looked. I thought a lot of it looked similar to what I saw in Paris over the winter. The constructions were all really well done. I was impressed.

CF: What did you enjoy most about Paris?

SD: Besides the obvious (couture shows!) the food and the architecture were really amazing and it was just really interesting to experience a new culture and people watch.

CF: How would you style this classic dress for different occasions?

SD: Well, for work wear I could throw a cardigan over it, some costume jewelry and maybe some cute flats. To go out, I would wear heels and put my hair up to show off the great embroidery detail, which is one of my favorite aspects of the dress.

CF: What are some wardrobe updates every student needs this spring?

SD: Neon nail polish, cropped lace tops and anything in nude colors. Also, I’ve fallen in love with patterned pants, like floral and tie-dye denim.

How To: A neutral dress like this one with feminine embroidered detail can be styled for endless occasions and moods. This Fashionista classed her look up with some dainty bling, soft curls and understated metallic pumps. Talking to her gave me great ideas about turning this classic nude hue into a major trend. Mix the neutral with pops of neon or throw a bright blazer over it for a bold look. Nude hues can translate into any style — check out ASOS’s options in edgy minimalist leather or feminine chiffon and lace.


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