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It isn’t everyday you see somebody rocking tie dye cut-offs and look good doing it. I absolutely love the unique vibe of the shorts and what’s even better is how simple they look. Sometimes when you take fashion risks you stand out in the crowd, and not always in the best way. But today’s Fashionista did the risk taking right and looks oh so fabulous.

Name: Sara Skiba

Major: Zoology 

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What’s your favorite thing about getting ready in the morning?

Sara Skiba: I love that every new day has endless possibilities. When I look into my closet I get to decide if I want to wear a dress, shorts, pants or even a pair of leggings and a simple tee.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

SS: I like to think my style is fun. I never feel like I have to fit just one type of style I like to change it up from day to day depending on how I’m feeling. If I feel like being simple, I go with it and if I feel like wearing something crazy I do it!

CF: Who do you look to for fashion inspiration?

SS: I like to look for magazines that inspire me. Whether it’s a fashion magazine or just a weekly magazine that has spottings, I like to see what people are wearing!

CF: What fashion item can you absolutely not live without?

SS: I can’t live without my favorite white tank. Even if I just want to wear it as a layering piece, it’s essential to my wardrobe.

CF: What’s your summer must-have?

SS: I have to say my summer must-have is my beach bag. I bring it everywhere in the summer even if I’m heading to work. I love that in the summer anything goes in terms of purses.

How To: If tie dye bottoms are a bit too much for you, try a pair of jean cut-offs,they're more unique than your typicaly pair of shorts and are really fun for summer! Pair it with a cropped top to optimize the look!


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