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Last week was the celebration of TOMS One Day Without Shoes, and barefoot students sparked conversations on campus, in classes and on the sidewalks. Any excuse to go barefoot is one I’ll jump at, especially on a beautiful spring day like last Tuesday, but this one is particularly exciting because it’s all about spreading the TOMS One for One mission. So naturally, on my hunt for a Fashionista, my eyes were glued to the ground, checking first for bare feet.

I came upon this Fashionista before class started as she scanned the room for shoeless students and kicked her sandals off.  Looking up at the rest of her ensemble, I fell in love with her casual denim-on-denim outfit topped off with an ultra sweet red-and-white polka-dot headscarf.

I spent the rest of the day at Clothes in the Past Lane, decorating white canvas TOMS into self-proclaimed masterpieces with my manager and a few other artists. While working on a pair of yellow roses in fabric paint, I realized Sam’s look would be the perfect outfit to pair with a pair of handmade slip-ons like these: casual, versatile and easy with a touch of individuality. Or barefoot works, too.

Name: Samantha Tocker

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How did you hear about TOMS One Day Without Shoes?

Samantha Tocker: I heard about TOMS' day without shoes through UDress. We have had a partnership with them for as long as I've been on the magazine, but this is the first year I've gone shoe-less, because it usually rains! I think that TOMS' cause is really unique and amazing, plus it feels nice to go without shoes for a day.

CF: What inspired your look today?

ST: My look was inspired by this oversized chambray shirt and a bunch of cool scarves that I picked up last week at Salvation Army. I kept looking for a cool denim shirt because I love the denim-on-denim trend, but every shirt I kept finding had some kind of silly embroidery like Disney characters or fruit. Lately I've been really into tying these scarves in my hair as a headband or around my bun just to add an interesting touch to my outfits. I liked the retro look of the whole outfit with the light denim, cuffed jeans and scarf.

CF: Where do you get most of your style inspiration?

ST: My biggest inspiration comes from blogs that I read religiously. My favorites are Dulce Candy, Sincerely Jules and Atlantic-Pacific. I also like eat.sleep.wear, who is a Philadelphia-based blogger, which is cool because I go there a lot and love the way girls in Philly dress. It's like the perfect combination of relaxed, vintage and polished pieces that is totally unique. I just love looking at people's street style and the interesting outfits they put together! There are also lots of nicely dressed girls on campus here. Going to my fashion classes is so fun because you can get so inspired by what everyone is wearing.

CF: What do you think is the most important in a wardrobe — versatility, quality or trendiness?

ST: I think versatility is the most important characteristic in a wardrobe. There are so many cool things from each style that it's hard to just stick to one particular trend, like being hipster or preppy or feminine. What takes the most talent to me is how girls combine something from each one to create a look that's totally different and enviable.

How To: The trick to denim-on-denim is: DO NOT match your top to your bottom. Try a light top with a dark wash on the bottom, like this Fashionista did. Another option, especially for spring, is white denim pants with a darker top. Also see Refinery29’s slideshow on the billion ways to wear a cute headscarf à la this Fashionista (I love this one from Etsy, so if you can find a way to work it into your hair, power to you). And obviously, finish the look with a pair of TOMS, because after all, not every day is One Day Without Shoes.


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