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With the winter weather closing in and the Christmas trees going up, every Fashionista is getting ready for the slew of holiday parties on the calendar. However, day to day dressing up is not nearly as exciting and hassle free as a glamorous get together. The key is to not look like too much of a snowman while also staying warm. This Fashionista mixed the perfect layers and edge for a fabulous wintry outfit.    

Name: Sam Presperin

Major: Journalism

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: What are you wearing today?

Sam Presperin: I have on a jacket from eBay, a J.Crew denim shirt, a Forever 21 tank, coated leggings from Macy's, my favorite socks from Target and combat boots from a local boutique.

CF: How would you describe your overall style?

SP: I like classic pieces with a twist and everything high-waisted. I go for comfort over everything else.

CF: What are your favorite things to wear for this winter?

SP:  I'm loving my parka, it's got fleece and fluff inside. I feel like I'm wearing a big blanket all day.

CF: What inspires you to dress up during the colder days instead of wearing sweats?

SP: It's hard trust me, but I'm use to dressing for colder weather since I'm from Chicago. I have an extensive winter wardrobe that I barely get to show off here!

CF: What is one fashion item you are dying for this Christmas?

SP: I NEED a fur infinity scarf.

How To: Steal this Fashionista’s style by pairing an eclectic baggy shirt under a jean shirt like this. Add some leather coated leggings with some studded boots or flats with furry socks. Top it all off with a warm winter jacket.


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