This Fashionista and I spoke about world-wide street fashion and how Melbourne's streetwear is different, and similar, in relation. She was very blase and honest about how conscious she is of her own fashion choices. Her biggest influences do come from what she sees on the street, reminding me just how exciting it is to be writing each week about exactly that.

Name: Rose Williams

Major: Visual Arts

Year: Certificate IV

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Rose Williams: I just wear whatever is there really, and whatever is comfortable. To uni I’ll usually wear something like this  just a knit and jeans. It’s pretty basic.

CF: What do you look for when buying new clothes?

RW: I don’t really have a favourite brand or anything. But I'm always for anything that’s simple. I like things that are basic and simplistic.

CF: Where do you get your style influences?

RW: Mostly just from people I see on the street to be honest. I don’t read magazines or really follow blogs or anything. Its more like, if I see someone in the street and I think to myself; “Oh yeah, that looks good”.

CF: What do you think particularly of Melbourne’s street fashion?

RW: Everyone dresses really differently, it just seems like everyone wears whatever they want.

CF: Yes, we’ve got a great diversity. Is there anywhere else you’ve been where the street fashion has really inspired you?

RW: Uhh when I was in Paris I noticed they all dress really, really well. They’re very chic. And in Japan, I love what everyone wears in Japan. They really wear whatever they want!

CF: I can imagine! Did you spot any Harajuku girls?

RW: Yeah we did see some. I just love the streetwear, its really cool.

CF: Our Melbourne brand Alphaville is very Japanese-inspired like that.

RW: Yeah it is! It's really simple, they never have many colours or anything. I do really like that brand.

How To: The key to getting a look like this right is having the perfect fit. The jeans feature a rolled cuff just above the ankle, working perfectly with plain black ankle boots. The jumper is a nice length for this look with the shortened sleeves creating an interesting cut. Knits are a must for every winter wardrobe. Gorman does some beautiful knitwear — like this wonderfully vibrant berry coloured knit or this grey one with intricate cable-knit detail. For a style similar to this Fashionista's jumper, Marcs has a beautiful orange oversized version with shortened sleeves. For something a bit kinder on the budget, Dotti has many classic knitwear styles in great pastel colours. I love this textured jumper in the lemon colour as well as the jumper with contrast cable-knit sleeves.


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