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There’s nothing that exudes more elegance and poise then the all-black look! When I spotted this Fashionista in her all-black attire, I was taken back to the 1920s, to Coco Chanel’s designs that rocked the boat of femininity and revolutionized womenswear. A color usually worn to funerals became a chic statement, giving women new independence and style. What is also great about this Fashionista's look is the accessories she chose. Her thin tan head wrap contrasts well with her all-black look, and her lined clip-on earrings pull together the vintage vibe of the ensemble. Overall this look has simple sophistication and radiates timeless style!

Name: Raquel Meraz

Major: Art History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Which decade of fashion inspires you the most?

Raquel Meraz: I'm in love with '40s fashion so I modernize it with my own twist. My style changes on my mood. Most times I feel like dressing up but sometimes I dress down.

CF: What is your fashion philosophy?

RM: I think of it as a form of art and way that people express themselves and their personalities.

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece that tops off every outfit?

RM: Earrings and lipstick definitely define me.

How To: To master the all-black look, start by assembling some classic black separates or of course grabbing your little black dress. Today there are so many style twists for the little black dress, like this bell sleeve dress by Shakuhachi at Spanish Moss. It's a contemporary take on this Fashionista's style, which is perfectly chic! On the longer side, a great black separate is the long sheer skirt, like this Sparkle & Fade piece from Urban Outfitters. A tied blouse or sleek tank works best with these skirts. For accessories, vintage-inspired pieces are best! Dig through your grandma's jewelry box or browse Etsy for some great pieces. Also,Tory Burch frequently has classic designs like these Magnus Post earrings. Head wraps are a fantastic accessory, and a personal favorite of mine! The colors and patterns you can experiment with are endless and work well to contrast an all-black look. Free People has many options for colorful wraps, like this printed wire turban. Finally, to tie together a perfect all-black look, always emphasize an area of makeup, whether it be cat eyes, dark lips or rosy cheeks!


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