It is racing season and many dresses have definitely caught my attention. This RMIT University Fashionista was spotted in this gorgeous spring printed dress and I loved how she matched it perfectly with an all time classic flower head piece. One would traditionally pair this beautiful race dress with a pair of feminine heels or platform wedges; however, she took a chance with boots instead and stood out from the crowd.

Name: Nadia Tan

Major: Professional Communications

Year: Final

CF: How would you describe your everyday style? 

NT: My style varies from day to day depending on my mood as well. Sometimes I tend to go for more feminine dresses but I love to match them up with edgy accessories or patterned leggings.

CF: So where is your beautiful dress from and what inspired this entire outfit?

NT: My dress was a cherished find from Camberwell market. It was definitely a great vintage find and it was oh so affordable as well. I think what inspired the accessories and shoes was my skateboard? (laughs) I love skateboarding and I think girls can wear a sweet dress like this and still rock it out while skating on the streets. Heels and platform wedges would definitely not be ideal for the skater chick image as well hence the choice of boots.

CF: Whom do you get inspirations from to dress up? 

NT: I would have to say petite A-list hollywood stars as I am petite myself and hence I tend to follow their fashion styles to decide on what trends and outfits suit my body frame and overall style best.

CF:  So where do you usually shop at and any particular stores you'll love to recommend?

NT: One of my 'top of the list' would definitely be ASOS. It's carefully selected range of collections impart a sense of individualistic approach. Of course, what is meant to appeal always catches the eye instantaneously. From the floral to geometrical printed styles or toning down with a monochromatic evasive use of colour, the gothic inspired wear brings out a whole new persona through the flick of a switch. And of course, Camberwell market is an all time favourite as well and everyone can definitely find something amazing there.

CF: Do you have any fashion tips you'll love to share?

NT: Do not be afraid to add your own individual flare and style to any outfit even while following any particular trend. 

How to: To get hold of Nadia's look, head on down to Camberwell market for a vintage journey of bargains and stylish surprises. Do keep a lookout for spring styles such as feminine dresses or clothing's of both pastel and bright colours. You can also think about getting a pair of sunglasses, hat or a classic headband which would enhance any outfit. Some suggestions of sunglasses would include the retro circular sunglasses that are easily available at Diva. For hats and headbands, head on down to Sportsgirl for modern or vintage accessories. Remember to get adventurous and take a look at how people mix and match all sorts of detachable collars with almost any piece of clothing. You'll be amazed at how well they'll make you stand out. Remember, get bold in colours and designs. Like Nadia said, flaunt it.


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