I love the outfit this Fashionista is wearing for it's woolly-grunge take on the uniform. She pulls it off so effortlessly with subtle quirks and clever reasonings behind her choices. Much like the one story she tells me of how architecture students like herself use street style fashion blogs; an amusing one I've thought about a few times since I heard it.

Name: Rachel Ang

Major: Architecture

Year: Third

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Rachel Ang: It’s changed a lot since I started studying; it’s become a lot more practical. I guess its kind of utilitarian.

CF: I suppose for most of us here it is because we can never trust the weather.

RA: Yeah, you need a lot of layers.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

RA: I get a lot of inspiration from my Mum and my partner. I also look at a small amount of blogs, like The Sartorialist. I mainly look at that to cut out the people for my assignments though (laughing).

CF: Really?! What for? Ha ha.

RA: I cut them out to paste them onto building designs and stuff. That’s actually what a lot of architecture students use style blogs for.

CF: Particularly street style ones?

RA: Yeah, because a lot of the time the people are walking or something.

CF: Cool. And your favourite brands?

RA: I like Melbourne’s Alpha60 and a New Zealand brand called Zambesi but I often just shop at op shops too.

CF: You can always score great vintage finds there.

RA: I’m also really poor (laughing).

CF: Ha, yes as most uni students are. But we make do with what we can.

How to: Here we are shown that socks can play a central role in your outfit. Rachel goes relatively plain elsewhere with subtle colour combinations and a nice collaboration of staple garments. She wears mid calf length two-toned knitted socks over stockings for extra warmth and extra style. Paired with a classic black leather boot she pulls it off with ease and nonchalance. Socks can be an exciting part of your outfit. Check out this gorgeous pair from Gorman — the golden sparkly strip at the top makes them extra glamorous. Happy Socks has an enormous range of the most crazy, comfy and chic socks you’re likely to ever see. Be adventurous with your socks — wear them as a kind of understated statement piece with neutral colours like this Fashionista, or wear them with clogs or sandals to make them stand out.


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