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I’ve been reading a lot of articles against the fast fashion industry and the collaborations of luxury designers with stores like Target and H&M. Some write that the meaning of fashion today is not what it used to be in the past. Reading all of these arguments, I can’t help but wonder if I should think the way they do. Journalists with many years of experience (sometimes over my age) can’t be wrong, right?

The fact is that I was born in a very different world and my generation knows what I am talking about. In this world we can have information at the tip of our finger any time, where you can travel to a different country without leaving your dorm and where you can talk about your problems with friends that you only know through the internet. It is very difficult to think like people used to fifty or even twenty years ago.

In all this debate about “fashion can’t be for the masses” and “the democratization of fashion” I have to say, why not? People who admire designers will love to have something from their favorite one that is not in their means to buy at the moment or maybe they never will be. We all have the right to enjoy those kinds of things, even if the tag says Lanvin for H&M.  

Another fact is that students around the country manage to spend their money on books, to go out with friends, on their fashionable clothes and splurge here and there on some designer items because you know, we have been studying very hard and we deserve it. This Fashionista is the right example of what I am talking about. In this world where you can study and work to buy your own things, you need to be smart in spending your money. Looking flawless all the time, obviously.

I think high fashion will always be untouchable, whether they decide to produce for the masses or not. It is only a little taste of what you can probably buy in the future. Let’s see it as a motivation to graduate and start working very soon.

Name: Perla Treviño

Major: Business Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you buy the outfit that you are wearing right now?

Perla Trevino: My pants are from Express, my shirt and blazer are from Forever 21, my bracelet is Paco Rabanne, I bought my shoes on My sunglasses are Prada, my watch Michael Kors and I bought my purse at Dillard’s.

CF: Where do you usually shop?

PT: My favorite store used to be Forever 21, but now I am more into buying on the internet. I love to find clothes at cheap prices. My favorite websites are makemechic, ShopAkira, ASOS and NASTY GAL of course.

CF: How did you find out about those online stores?

PT: Some of them were because my friends started to shop there. I will literally Google for cheap clothes and then I found other similar websites.

CF: What about your make-up? Do you usually come to school wearing make-up every day?

PT: Yes, I always wear my CoverGirl mascara and Clinique eye liner. I love to wear red MAC lipstick when I have to do a presentation and for everyday I wear a peach color.

CF: How do you feel about wearing clothes at low prices?

PT: I like to save money when I buy clothes. I bought five pairs of shoes on Cyber Monday and my total was $50. I am so proud of myself.

How To: Besides mixing high and low prices in your outfit to recreate this look, get the mix and match inspiration from this Fashionista by wearing a stripe T-shirt with a floral print blazer. To make an edgy but classic look, wear these Lita shoes with black slim fit pants. Finally, add a multi chain necklace for the finishing touch.



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