This Fashionista and I laugh as she curses and tries to describe her fashion style — one she is apparently unaware of. Together we uncover her shopping techniques and typify Melbourne fashion. I love her look for the little details it has like the incredibly soft brown leather texture only a vintage jacket could have and her cute floral socks.

Name: Nina Mulhall

Major: Photography

Year: Third

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Nina Mulhall: (laughing) I don’t know! I just kind of throw something on in the morning. I don’t really stick to anything.  And I guess I’m influenced by the Melbourne style. You know; the rolled up pants, the socks and skinny jeans, the mustard…

CF: Where do you most like to shop?

NM: I buy a lot of things from op shops. And I just steal clothes from my more fashionable friends.

CF: Ha ha that’s all right; I think influential friends can play a big part in what you wear.

NM: Yeah absolutely, I live with my best friend so we just share our clothes all the time.

CF: And from op shops, what's the kind of process do you go through when scouring through the racks?

NM: I just tend to look for my colours. Or I’ll pick something up if a nice detailing of some sort has caught my eye.

CF: What’s been your best fashion find?

NM: I found this amazing full-length blue coat that I wore when I went to Europe. It was a wool coat that was sky blue with little buttons.

How To: There’s not much to coming up with an outfit like this. It’s about knowing how to work your vintage finds into an everyday outfit. Here the coat stands out as she contrasts the rich brown colour with blacks, easy enough for anyone to do. I guess to really complement vintage pieces you need to wear good quality, simple pieces with it. For basics ASOS will always have cheap options and in many different styles. American Apparel has a great range for excellent quality basics — in long lasting styles, colours and textures. My other go to is Bonds: affordable and good quality, exactly what you should look for in basics. Now to go and hunt for the perfect vintage centrepiece. 


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