I exclaimed convenience when learning this Fashionista was a fashion design student — what an insight she must provide. But I think I confused her when asked to simplify what she knows in trying to define her own style and influences. She spoke of how her design style differs from what she wears, and how her influences come from rather obscure places. But for her style, I love the clean lines, structures and shapes and how they all work together in a kind of geometric symphony.

Name: Natalie Coe

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Second

CollegeFashionista: As a fashion student you must constantly look for inspiration from many different places, what would you say influences your fashion choices most?

Natalie Coe: In terms of what I design or what I wear? They’re both really different.

CF: Oh, well let’s go for what you design first.

NC: I guess what I’m mainly influenced by are feelings, emotions and experiences. That’s generally where most of my ideas come from, as opposed to things that are physical. I think it’s a lot easier to design something original if you don’t take influence from something that already exists.

CF: And in terms of what you wear?

NC: I don’t actually know! I dress comfortably and with anything that really works with Melbourne weather. It’s very hard to predict most of the time. And I guess this is kind of an odd statement, but I like dressing like a boy (laughing). I like a bit of grungy style too.

CF: And where do you like to shop most?

NC: I shop mainly online or at op shops. There I think you’re more likely to find something that isn’t on every single person in the street already. Generally I’ll get an idea of what I want and then search it on ASOS or eBay or something.

CF: And any people that particularly influence your fashion style?

NC: Not really! I have sort of my own thing going on.

How To: This look is all about shapes and lines. She accentuates these features by keeping it black and white, creating sharp contrasts between shadows and highlights and really bringing out the different cuts. I love the folds of her jacket and the longer sweater underneath complementing the cut of the jacket. White Suede has some great jackets with interesting angles and cuts. I like the structure of this camel one and the neck detailing here. This oversized collar would be great for creating interesting shapes in a winter look. Finally I’ll urge you to step for a moment into your imagination and dream of the possibilities surrounding this 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket.


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