Fashionista Spotlight

The holidays are only a few weeks away and splashes of festive reds, golds and silvers are taking over campus fashion. This week’s Fashionista certainly caught my eye by rocking her red blazer and belt with her all black ensemble.

Name: Myla Zhang

Year: Junior

Major: Finance

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Myla Zhang: Not to sound cheesy, but I honestly get my inspiration from everywhere and everyone I encounter. I believe that fashion is everywhere; you just have to have the eye to spot it out because it can be subtle. It can be found anywhere and on anyone. I can get my inspiration from anything such as magazines, nature, architecture, animals, food, celebrities and everyday people I encounter. Whenever I see a style or item that appeals to me, I would make note of it and I usually connect it with other fashion ideas to create my own style.

CF: How important is keeping up with fashion trends to you?

MZ: Keeping up with fashion trends didn't become as important to me until this summer. Before this summer, I always just bought what I thought was cute and what I could afford. But then after interning at Dolce & Gabbana, I fell in love with fashion since I was surrounded by it on a daily basis. I learned that fashion is more than clothing and accessories; it is a lifestyle. Fashion trends come and go but lifestyle is eternal.

CF: So you mentioned you intern (while I was conversing with this Fashionista) for Chanel. That's so awesome! What do you do there?

MZ: I am an accounting intern. My job is pretty boring in relation to fashion because I do a bunch of paperwork and computer work in regards to Chanel's finances. However, I do get sweet discounts on Chanel products.

CF: Do you see yourself working in the fashion industry in the future? If so, what would you be doing?

MZ: I definitely do see myself working in the fashion industry, specifically in New York City. I want to be working in the front office of the financial department of a fashion company. I would love to be able to further branch away from finance to get more involved with fashion, but I have yet to discover how I will do that yet.

How To: Make sure you have your go to piece for upcoming holiday parties. Tuck this ivory bow blouse into these sequin shorts to show off your fashionable finesse. Complete this holiday look with black tights and black shiny heels from Zara. Happy almost Holidays!


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