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We’re all aware of the strictly-followed unwritten rules that regulate the fashion world — never wear white after Labor Day, don’t mix your browns and blacks, don’t wear red if you’re a redhead, don’t wear kitten heels ever (that one’s basically a sin) and keep bright colors to a minimum during winter months. Though I can’t say I’ve ever been a rule-breaker, I’m practically a rebel when it comes to these fashion myths. While I do agree that kitten heels need to tiptoe their way out of the fashion industry for good, there are few things I love more than a crisp pair of black skinnies paired with some brown leather boots and a bold, saturated blouse — a look this edgy Fashionista rocks so perfectly. See, ladies and gents — coloring outside of the lines isn’t always a bad thing!

Name: Morgan Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Merchandising

College Fashionista: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Morgan Smith: I love to be comfortable while adding a chic touch to my everyday wardrobe. A lot of my style inspiration comes from celebrities as well as fashion blogs to see what is hot and how stylists are pairing certain items together. Pinterest has been my latest “go-to” site to see new and fun styles!

CF: How do you incorporate bold colors into your colder-weather wardrobe?

MS: A pop of color is always essential in a wardrobe especially mixing with falls blacks, browns and grays. A bright scarf, tights or a hat are perfect ways to add color to the basics.

CF: What is your favorite fall accessory?

MS: My favorite fall accessory is an infinity scarf! They are so fun to pair with oversized sweaters and tights and I can wear them with anything.

CF: How do you dress fashionably while sticking to a strict college budget?

MS: Stores like Forever 21, H&M and Charlotte Russe are great places to get the latest fashions for a reasonable price. Local boutiques in Flagstaff such as The Basement and Shoes and Such are also great stores to get selective items to help build up my wardrobe!

How To: Dare to be just as much of a fashion rule-breaker as this Fashionista by freeing yourself of all those silly fashion Do's and Don’ts you’ve been following for years. Use Morgan as your inspiration and pair a neutral pair of skinny jeans with a sleek pair of brown riding boots and a bold chiffon blouse for a fun and flirty fall look. Don’t forget to pile on the bling like this Fashionista does; we all know a little sparkle turns good outfits into great outfits. While you may be a little hesitant at first, I now give you full permission to combine your browns, tans, blacks-, even navy's- and sport as many bright colors as your stylish little heart desires.


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