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No matter what season is upon us, I feel as though stripes will never be discouraged. However being able to incorporate them into your ensemble without looking too summery in the fall can be quite a challenege. Fortunately this Fashionista displays the perfect example of a late fall outfit that plays up the pristine, classic stripes we all love. This Fashionista brings in the muted green tone of her cardigan with dark trousers to keep in the season but adds extra flare but wearing her favorite furry scarf. I caught up with her to see what other tips she had for bringing her spring/summer wardrobe over into fall!

Name: Michelle Mockus
Major: Enviromental Studies and Psychology
Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?
Michelle Mockus: I'm wearing a cardigan and striped top which i bought at Buffalo Exchange. My capri trousers are from Forever 21. These loafers are from my mom's closet (always the best) and my necklace is from one of the thrift stores back home. This scarf is one of my favorites and it's from Urban Outfitters, but I got it so long ago.

CF: What are three words that you would use to describe your style?

MM: Classic, comfortable and funky. I like incorporating both classic and trendy pieces into my outfits but I always come across the coolest accessories and can't help throwing them on top of whatever I'm wearing! Fashion is so much fun to experiment with because you really never know what unique pieces you will find and the fun is adding it to your favorite outfits.

CF: What five pieces of clothing would you take to a deserted island?

MM: Definitely a swimsuit, sunhat, a windbreaker, rain boots and a genie to grant all my wishes, of course!

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

MM: I really like the thrift shops around my house. There are so many different shops that have great things. I love one of a kind things because I always seem to get asked about those pieces the most and then I have a story to tell as to how I came across it. Buffalo Exchange is also one of my favorites because they have such a wide variety but all of the styles are more contemporary. I find clothes there from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel that may be a little older, but I make it work!

CF: What three items should every Fashionista have in her closet?

MM: A little black dress that can be paired with basically anything, comfortable jeans and a statement necklace or scarf! An outfit is never complete without the perfect accessories.

How To: In keeping with this week's Fashionista's style, try exploring your nearest or best thrift stores. You might be surprised on what goodies they have hiding and also, check out your nearest Buffalo Exchange for more contemporary thrift buys. When it comes to the perfect stripe shirt, that's up to you! However stores like J.Crew offer a lot of variety with their stripes, so you might have a hard time choosing which one wins. Layer it underneath of a great fitting carigdan like she does, but choose a great color first! Although this Fashionista's furry find is no longer being sold, there are other show stopping scarfs available that can instantly add flare to your ensemble. Lastly, finding loafers has progressively gotten so much easier! Depending on your style, there are so many places where you can test out whatever your heart desires. Try Jack Wills or Steve Madden. Remember what this Fashionista said, “Fashion is about experimenting”, so don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures this fall!


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