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On Tuesday afternoon, while reorganizing mountains of vintage jewelry for Clothes in the Past Lane’s spring display cases, I spotted a UDress stylist searching our racks for photo shoot-worthy pieces. The students running this campus fashion magazine are preparing for the spring 2012 release and frequenting Main Street’s shops, looking for pieces to create inspired editorials.

When I’m at work, stylish customers often enter and I have to resist scaring them off with my fashion envy and twenty questions. But with Soria being a fellow Fashionista, I decided it would be appropriate to request a photo and interview.

Her spring look was so different from anything I’ve seen yet this season. Spring is too often about girly silhouettes, floral prints and bright colors. This Fashionista's look revolved around muted peach and ivory hues, lace details and easy-fitting chiffon. But even further, this Fashionista managed to incorporate both femininity and masculine accents for a look that was so perfectly romantic, I may have fallen in love a little bit.

Name: Megan Soria

Major: European History with Journalism and Art History minors

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look today?

Megan Soria: The weather! The first day of spring just reminds me of scenes from Pride & Prejudice or Marie Antoinette — I tend to dress like a tomboy in the fall so the pretty weather brings out my girly side.

CF: How do you like styling for UDress?

MS: Styling for UDress is a great experience — my goal is to eventually style editorials for magazines one day, so I’m really grateful for this opportunity.
I try to push myself and grab style gigs that take me out of my comfort zone. In the fall I styled for Switch and Goodwill. I never styled guys before Switch, and thrift shops like Goodwill are always unpredictable so I was nervous. But I loved the challenge and it turned out to be so much fun! Watching the outcome of your work is the best part.

CF: What publications besides UDress do you keep up with regularly?

MS: My favorite blogs are Vice Style, Style Like U and style rookie. My favorite fashion magazines are Nylon, Teen Vogue, W magazine and Interview .

CF: How can you describe some of the style on our campus? What do you like about the fashion scene here?

MS: Most of the girls are very trendy. I’ve noticed a lot of statement pieces, whether it’s faux fur vests, colored jeans, fun tights, cool scarves or chunky necklaces — people like accents here.  What I admire about our fashion scene is there are people who care about how they present themselves, and show up to class looking very put-together.

How To: I love this Fashionista’s look because of its clear vision: elements of both masculinity and femininity working effortlessly together. Instead of the more common high-waist skirt with a tucked-in top, she substituted in a pleated slip dress paired with a light vintage button-down shirt (get lost on Etsy looking through vintage tops!). This created a much simpler, cooler, slightly more boyish silhouette than we’re used to seeing. Her loafers give the look the same masculine charm, whereas her stone ring and delicate jewelry play off the feminine. The look is completed with the romantic touch of a full, loose side ponytail.


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