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College students everywhere are juggling jobs and classes while still maintaining a great fashion sense! There's no need to go crazy when getting dressed for a job or internship; you can keep up your student style while still looking professional at the same time. Mix fun colors and simple patterns into your daily look to remain young and fun, and give you that special flair your classmates and colleagues can admire. This week's Fashionista shows us just how easy it is to stay true to your style on the job and around campus!

Name: Megan McShane

Major: Secondary English Education

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Megan McShane: My pants and sweater are from H&M, my T-shirt and earrings are from Target and my shoes are from Lord & Taylor.

CF: What inspired your outfit today?

MM: I’m a student teacher so when I dress for the day I want to look professional and casual, and still have fun with my outfit. I like that I can wear this to teach and also hanging around campus. I try to add some pop to my look!

CF: How does fashion play a role into your everyday life, especially as a student teacher?

MM: It’s super important. You can always show who you are through your clothes. As a teacher, I want my students to see that I’m in charge but still see that I have style and flair. I always make sure to have fun with my outfits whether I’m teaching or just going to class on campus.

CF: What fashion advice do you have for others with teaching jobs or internships?

MM: Be professional and conservative, but don’t lose your style. Try to dress on the same level as your colleagues but still wear what you feel comfortable in. You can look nice and still dress young and fun at the same time.

How To: If you’re going for that poised and casual look follow these easy steps! First, slip into some muted straight-leg pants like from H&M. Add some flair to the outfit with a classic cardigan that has fun polka dots or another subtle cool pattern! Put on dangle earrings to add a dash of elegance to your look. Lastly, don cute black ankle booties or try out some oxford shoes! Whether you're walking around on campus or standing in the front of a classroom, this composed yet relaxed style will make you look and feel prepared for anything!


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