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Great fashion, like many aspects of living, is a delicate balance. Scales like masculine-versus-feminine and playful-versus-professional are calibrated to express personality through apparel. More recently I’ve noticed the juxtaposition of drama-versus-simplicity as communicated through style.

This Fashionista’s look has little detail overall and shifts the impact to the basic and bold construction of her high-low hemline maxi dress. The dress’s minimalist design and her simple accessories balance the dramatic scoop in her hemline cut high above the knees and diving to graze the ankles.

Drama isn’t always layers of tulle or outrageous hues. It’s a subtle charcoal cat eye or a simple black dress with an open back. In this case, the balance is found in a basic summer staple with a beautifully cascading hemline. A dress like this can be styled bare and still turn heads.

Name: McKenna Scelp

Major: Fashion Merchandising, Advertising minor

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What is your fashion dream job?

McKenna Scelp: Well if you really want my dream job, I’d like to own my own business in Paris, like a dress boutique — staple pieces like jewelry, shoes and dresses. Other than that, I’d like to work in corporate at a retailer like Urban Outfitters or Ann Taylor — those companies are really good to their employees. I want to go higher up in retail because I’d like to change some of their policies, you know, put my two cents in.

CF: What is one thing you never leave the house without?

MS: My rings. Some of them I inherited from my family. Others are from vintage and pawn shops, vacations, birthday presents. One is a man’s wedding band that I got sized down and one is my mom’s old wedding band. They come from everywhere, it’s just what I look for.

CF: Who or what influences your style most?

MS: Social media influences me a lot — I follow certain celebrities on Facebook, so the influence comes from seeing all types of people and what they’re wearing and I can gather inspirations from that. Also just seeing people on campus and thinking, ‘that looks cute, I have something similar and maybe I’ll try that.’

CF: What do you think makes your style unique?

MS: I don’t follow one type of category like bohemian, preppy, etc. I’m not restricted to one type of style and I think that’s what makes me unique because I can take staples from different styles and make them my own. Also I’m sure my hair has something to do with it!

How To: Bringing the balance of high impact and subtlety is all about the way this basic summer dress is styled; beltless, no necklace or earrings, the most basic leather sandals and a luxurious Louis Vuitton. For added height, pair the dress with neutral wedges, or for a touch of texture, throw in a python print. To go for more statement, infuse neon accessories or a bold tote. My advice? Let this dress speak for itself.


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