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This week’s Fashionista is all about class. There will always be classic staple items that are always in style and this week’s Fashionista is a great example of sophisticated and elegant style. She represents those girls who channel such fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe and who keep it classy even on the way to class. This Fashionista’s look has great neutral colors and she puts her own spin on the current turtleneck trend.

Name: Margie Zarcone

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications/Public Relations

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Margie Zarcone: Very versatile, I really like classic staple items. I’ll get a plain black turtleneck and plain black jeans and I’ll accessorize it with a pop of color. I like very classic things but I like to have fun too and lots of sequins.

CF: Who's your style inspiration?

MZ: A combination of Audrey Hepburn and Beyoncé

CF: Do you normally get dressed up for class?

MZ: Absolutely, I always feel like I perform better on a daily basis if I feel like I look good. It just makes my whole day better and I feel like I get a lot more done if I have a set outfit put together. I set my outfit out before I go to sleep every day for the next day.

CF: Who's your favorite designer?

MZ: Michael Kors, I like Michael Kors a lot and Alexander McQueen I can’t buy any of the stuff but I love his line it’s amazing.

CF: How do you feel about turtlenecks making a comeback?

MZ: I'm obsessed with turtlenecks; I have been since the sixth grade. I love them, I wear them all the time I have sleeveless ones, long-sleeved ones, sweaters…I wear them all the time.

CF: How do you accessorize an outfit?

MZ: I start with something really basic. I usually start with shoes. I start with shoes first and then I build everything around the shoes. I always take Audrey Hepburn’s advice and I take off one accessory before I leave every day, because I tend to over accessorize and I want to make sure everything looks normal.

How To: Do you want to get this Fashionista’s classic look? Pair a sleeveless turtleneck with a light metallic skirt. Then add a pair of black leather boots and black tights. Finally, make sure to accessorize with a necklace and earrings to pull your final look together.


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