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Reading through the CollegeFashionista website, I can see that fall is in his finest phase on almost all campuses around the country. Looking at the amazing pictures of Fashionistas rocking over the knee boots or knit sweaters makes me feel kind of sad that the cold weather is just barely starting in my city. I guess I just have to wait patiently.

One of the trends that I personally can’t wait to wear is skirts with tights. It is the main reason why I wait so anxiously for fall to begin every year. I can just throw any skirt, pair it with black tights, flats or boots; it does not matter as long as I have my skirt and tights on.

This trend has been around for a long time, but every year Fashionistas around campus add something new. Since the weather is starting to be more “fall trend friendly” students are starting to wear this trend in different ways. I was eating on a bench after my class and enjoying the nice weather when this Fashionista passed by. In a trend that is very common, this Fashionista managed to make it different by mixing and matching her printed skirt with black graphic tights.

Name: Marcela Peña

Major: TV & Film

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What was on your mind this morning while you were getting dressed?

Marcela Peña: The morning was a little bit cold and I wanted to wear something warm. I had to do a monologue for my acting class so I tried to look presentable.

CF: What are your favorite trends to wear for fall?

MP: Last year I really liked to wear high-waist skirts. I can’t wait to wear them again this year. Another trend that I look forward to is wearing tights and knee-high socks with ankle boots. Also, I would like to incorporate bright colors for fall instead of the classic dark colors.

CF: How do you usually dress for videos and projects that you have to do in your classes?

MP: I usually wear comfortable clothes but I also like to look good to make a good impression in the camera. Besides, I always dress for the occasion according the situation.

How To: To recreate this look, you can wear something similar to this printed skirt paired with black brocade detail tights. Add a simple T-shirt of a bright color to make the outfit even more chic. Finally, add a long wool coat that will look great with the whole combination of your outfit.

Have fun combining your different tights with old and new skirts, I am sure that I’m going to have a lot of fun mixing and matching this trend myself this fall!


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