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Spring has finally arrived, and there is no better way to celebrate the season than through fashion. This is the season to let down your hair, bring out the soft colors and throw on lighter fabrics. Of course, a change in season does not mean a complete transformation of wardrobe. Layers are still possible during the breezy springtime, which is how this Fashionista chose to dress on a crisp morning. Comfort is a year-round trend for this Fashionista, and she finds scarves to be her essential accessory during all seasons. Upon approaching this Fashionista, she laughed, claiming that she had no style. It fascinates me how so many students think they have no taste in fashion, when in reality they put together looks every morning that make a statement. Whether you are an activist, math geek or philosophy major, you make a choice every day to dress and present yourself in your own style. Your body is a canvas and clothes are the acrylics.

The shifts in seasons show a change of pace in outfit choices among students. I'm beginning to see off the shoulder tops, rolled-up jeans, hats flipped back and unbuttoned cardigans. Springtime really affects student life and style as the school year winds down to an end and summer is around the corner. The relaxed atmosphere of spring is my favorite, and I love seeing the outfit choices students make. 

Name: Maji Ghulam

Major: Biological Sciences 

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who or what inspires your fashion style?

Maji Ghulam: My fashion style is influenced by comfort. I enjoy loose-fitted slouchy clothing and also the basics like jeans and a T-shirt. I can relate closely to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's comfortable fashion sense.

CF: As a busy college student, where do you shop at mostly?

MG: I mostly shop at H&M and Nordstrom because [they're] convenient and I always find something that suits me. When I want to find something more original and when I'm in the mood to dig around, I'll go to reused clothing stores.

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece that tops off every outfit?

MG: I love scarves! I have bundle-y scarves when it's colder out and also thin, cotton scarves for normal California weather [and] sunny days as well.

How To: You can never have too many accessories, especially when it comes to scarves. There are all sorts of styles and patterns of scarves that appeal to each season. For the spring time chose a sheer, floral, lightweight scarf like this Fashionista put together. A soft print like this one can be worn to create a springtime ambience in many looks. Aside from accessories, other outfit pieces with a bright color palette can fit into the season. For example, a flowy skirt, floral print shorts or a cute bandeau


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