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Tuesday. The second day on the grind. It begrudgingly follows Monday's monotony and for most girls, Tuesday is just like any other weekday. For this Fashionista, Tuesday is something special, something funky and a reason to wear tights. One look at this Fashionista's heart-shaped sunglasses and adorable oxfords and I knew she would have a fashion story worth sharing.

Name: Maggie Whitfield

Year: Freshman

Major: Art

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look this morning?

Maggie Whitfield: I do this thing called “Funky Tights Tuesday” every Tuesday of the the week, so today my outfit was centered around my tights.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MW:  My style is always grounded in an urban boho coalition. But, depending on my mood, I sometimes tend to go for more edgier grunge pieces or intricate, indie style. I just love the free and vintage feel of boho fashion above all else. All of that plus my extreme addiction to jewelry and accessories. I always have on at least one animal ring a day. I never wear unisex T-shirts and usually avoid pants (unless they are absolutely necessary or the really cool printed ones that are out now).

CF: Who/what are your fashion inspirations?

MW: My consistent fashion inspirations are Nicole Richie, tribal cultures, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the whole Missoni family and company, Lana Del Rey, Olivia Palermo, Florence Welch and baroque paintings. But, everyday (with the exception of Funky Tights Tuesday) I like to have an inspiration for an outfit. The inspiration can be anything; a concept, a person, a place, a culture, a work of art, a stereotype, etc.

CF: You seem very stylish! I mean, it takes a true Fashionista to break out the heart sunglasses.

MW: Thank you! I've always loved fashion! When I was little, I used to sew and make up outfits for my Barbie dolls. Then, as I got older, I went through some crazy fashion choices for the sake of experimentation and my mother would always let me wear whatever I wanted. Plus, I grew up with a mother and sister who adored shopping as much as I do.

CF:  How do you stay up with the trends on a college budget?

MW: I keep up with fashion through watching runways (, different blogs (now collegefashionista can join that arsenal of inspiration!), magazines (mainly Nylon, Vogue, Glamour and Company), and certain celebrities. I like to mix and match my wardrobe and wear outfits that are composed of expensive pieces as well as not-so-expensive pieces. I think you can always find items from the ever-growing wish list in your head if you are looking everywhere, including thrift stores, antique stores and even the sale rack. I don't buy anything that doesn't intrigue me and like to try new trends from stores like Forever 21, Marshall's, etc. before spending a lot of money on them.

How to:For this Fashionista, her outfit was all about her tights. Hers are Missoni from Target, but when it comes to quality, long lasting leg-wear, I am a Hue advocate. Tights are a great way to prolong your summer shorts, especially this Fashionista's lace shorts from Monteau. Just add a neutral chunky knit on top to balance out the vibrant bottoms and your favorite oxfords.


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