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When I first saw this Fashionista headed my way it was her adorable sweater dress and striped tights that caught my attention. However, when I stopped her I found something I loved even more: a fist full of rings! This Fashionista had both key points down for mixing a mass of jewelry: balance and a color scheme. The full-finger ring was balanced by a wrist chain on the opposite hand, and all the rings consisted of black and silver, which brought them all together.

Name: Maggie Ellis

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

CollegeFashionista: What's the inspiration behind your look?

Maggie Ellis: I really like tracking the new fall colors each season and trying to incorporate them the best I can into my outfits while still being warm and comfortable.

CF: I love all your rings. Are you an accessory person?

ME: Thank you! I am an accessories person. I'm actually specifically known for my crazy rings amongst my friends and family. I joke with them in saying I have an entire zoo of rings because I have ones that look like zebras, cheetahs, lizards, crocodiles, beetles and many more. I feel naked without my three staple rings on, but I almost always have earrings in as well. I also love necklaces but seem to forget to add them to my outfits most of the time.

CF: Do you have a favorite ring?

ME: My favorite ring, right now anyway, it tends to change, is my zebra ring. It's a two-finger ring that has the full body of a zebra except its legs. I love it because it's so ridiculous and gets so many laughs and compliments when I wear it. I also really like zebra print, which might be a contributing factor.

CF: Where's your favorite place to pick up accessories?

ME: I work at the Forever21 in Castleton so I do most of my shopping there, especially accessories. They're inexpensive and a little cheap, but I typically get bored of accessories around the time they start looking bad or falling apart anyway. I also shop a lot at H&M, Wet Seal and online. If I see someone wearing something that I like, I try to find it online.

How To: Start with a neutral-colored sweater dress. Add some color with a crossbody bag. To pull off this Fashionista’s signature fist full of rings you’ll need a variety of styles that all come together with a color scheme. Try pairing a knuckle ring with a. And remember: balance! You don’t want your look to be overly gaudy. Make sure to have a good mix of chunky rings and smaller ones.


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