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I want to use this week to talk about one of the easiest fashion lessons of all time to learn. Basics, layers and one key element are all you need to make an outfit pop. I often glorify thrifting and finding the most sui generis garments out there, but sometimes I forget that a solid foundation with one significant component can be more eye-catching than fringe and frills—but don’t get me wrong; I do love fringe and frills. This Fashionista shops at a variety of stores, but she shows how to make those brand name chains (the ones we loved in middle school) work into something one of a kind.

Name: Lua Davis

Major: Pre-med Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me where you got everything you’re wearing today? Head to toe.

Lua Davis: I think my tights are Urban Outfitters, my shoes I got from Forever 21, my shorts are from American Eagle, my sweater is from Old Navy, my grandmother gave me my earrings, my glasses I bought on Coastal and my shirt I think is from American Eagle.

CF: You’ve got some interesting tights there. Do you wear a lot of them? What types do you have?

LD: It’s hard to describe the prints. They come in a lot of weird patterns – I like weird patterns. I have a lot of thermal tights for winter and a lot of thick types. I have like three pairs of mustard-colored tights because I like that color a lot.

CF: You’ve also got some awesome shoes. I’ve never seen a pair of oxfords like that before. Do you have other types?

LD: I actually do. Everyone tells me I buy too many oxfords. I have about seven pairs. I have these white ones and I bought some ribbon shoelaces from American Apparel, so I change those up with the oxfords a lot. And then I have two heel types. One’s just brown, and the other is black. I also have one pair—it’s hard to describe—with the texture and color of business clothes. Everyone tells me they’re not comfortable, but I think they’re the most comfortable shoes.

CF: What other shops do you frequent?

LD: I really like J. Crew; it’s like my favorite store in the whole entire world. I like them a lot. Everything looks so casual chic; it’s really nice. Plus, they have a student discount. When you show a student ID, you get 15 percent off I think.

CF: If you could shop anywhere in the world, where would you go?

LD: I’d probably go to Cameroon. My mom’s from there, and they usually make a lot of their own clothes. So if you go there and you tell them whatever type of clothes you’re looking for, they’ll make it for you in really cool patterns. I’d probably go back there.  I’ve been on blogging sites, and some of the bloggers are from Africa. They have a lot of custom-made stuff and it all looks so cute. It’s like kind of traditional African style mixed with current fashion.

CF: Are there any other blogging sites you really like?

LD: Yes,

CF: How about any celebrity style icons?

LD: I really like Zooey Deschanel. I feel like everyone does, but for a good reason. She has really nice fashion sense. She’s banking.

How To: Simplicity is the name of the game here, but if you can find that one strong item, you can transform an otherwise vapid ensemble into a knockout. This Fashionista also has some funky black tights, like these textured ones from Gipsy Cotton, but a shoe like this foreign travels flat from Ruche is what will put a spotlight on this outfit. For more unique shoe options, ASOS can help you out in that department. Check out a slice of shoe heaven here.


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