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Growing up in Mexico, I didn’t know how important the Thanksgiving festivity was. Now that I am living in Texas, I am all in the Thanksgiving celebration. Besides the delicious roasted turkey, smashed potatoes and gravy that we get to eat, Fashionistas can have another reason to dress up for an occasion (as if we needed one).

The main reason I keep watching Gossip Girl is to see what Serena and Blair are going to wear. Stylists get more creative when the episode is dedicated to a celebration such as a Thanksgiving.

If you are not having a fancy dinner like Serena van der Woodsen, you can still take some inspiration to bring with you to the weekend packed of get togethers with family or travel. Besides the traditional colors like orange, yellow or brown, why don’t we try black and white resembling the pilgrim’s clothes? This Fashionista is channeling a different point of view for this special fête. Adding just a chic denim lace vest, she is ready to be on the go anywhere this celebration takes her.

Name: Lizbeth Jimenez

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style to me and how you choose your clothes in the morning.

Lizbeth Jimenez: I like comfortable clothes and I try to have my own style. It just depends how I am feeling in the morning. I also love to wear flats to come to school.

CF: How you get inspiration for your outfits?

LJ: I look a lot on Pinterest and also what everybody is wearing. I like Taylor Swift's style and how she is conservative but she looks really pretty all the time.

CF: What is your number one rule for dressing up this fall?

LJ: The weather is usually hot here so I try not to dress in bright colors. So even if I am wearing a T-shirt, I try to dress in brown or black to believe that summer is over.

CF: Is there one trend that you haven’t tried yet but are going to try this season?

LJ: I haven’t tried the leggings with boots. I am definitely going to try it when the weather gets colder.

How To: To recreate this look, aim for the Fashionista's lace denim vest. Pair it with a black T-shirt to create a more dramatic see-through look of the lace at the back of the vest. Give these black baggy pants a try and add sparkly flats to be comfortable on whatever your Thanksgiving break takes you!


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