I photographed this Fashionista walking along Collins Street – one of Melbourne’s most well kept and stylish streets. And this setting reflects this Fashionista absolutely. She is blasé and polite and pulls off the look in the same fashionable way. I love the mix of geometric cut out detail, the classic black collar and sparkly tights.

Name: Lexie Hume

Major: Public Relations

Year: Second

CollegeFashionista: What influences your style?

Lexie Hume: I get swayed by a lot of random things. My friends and even street fashion around me all have a kind of influence. And I love looking at blogs.

CF: What’s your favourite blog?

LH: I like Fashiontoast.

CF: Oh, Rumi Neely. She’s great isn’t she?

LH: Yeah. I love her style and all her photos. She must have the best life.

CF: And what are your favourite brands?

LH: I like Acne and FAT… if I could afford them, sadly I'm in saving mode at the moment. But it's because I’m going overseas soon so I’m pretty excited for the shopping there.

CF: Oh yeah?! What are you most looking forward to?

LH: I think London will be amazing. Urban Outfitters, H&M, Topshop and generally everything along Oxford Street. I also can’t wait to just look at the street fashion. Oh and the markets! Brick Lane is meant to have an amazing vintage stuff.

How To: Play with garments that have cut out detail by layering them. This Fashionista has worn a scoop neck long sleeve top underneath a black collared dress with cut out details. It creates an interesting geometric playfulness while still being structured and stylish. Another great part of this outfit are the metallic tights. With the rest of the outfit being black, the tights sort of blend in to the outfit while still being glittery and exciting. Sportsgirl has a pair of metallic grey tights similar to these, but they also do a deep green and maroon with the sparkles. And American Apparel has a similar style of shiny tights in heaps of colours. Too cool.


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