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A little farther north, the leaves are turning to crisp maroon, pale orange and sunshine yellow hues. I’ve lived in Florida my entire life, and I have never seen the seasons change—the trees are consistently green year round. But here in Gainesville, the trees are turning blue. An Australian artist came to my school and painted certain areas’ trees (with benign paint) to bring environmental awareness to deforestation. Along with the change of atmosphere, my peers’ wardrobe choices have completely transformed. Scarves, boots and cozy sweaters are making appearances left and right. Everyone is flaunting winter threads, and it has never been easier to spot a Fashionista/o. Although I truly wish I could feature dozens of people this week, one student was brave enough to wear shorts and rocked a grunge-meets-glam look.

Name: Lauren Munsey

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about where you got everything you’re wearing.

LM: Well, it was a plethora of places. These boots I actually just got at Target in the clearance section for $10, so that’s pretty impressive. These socks, my mom got me. I have these ripped up tights from Forever 21. I ripped them up myself; I thought ‘why not?’ I got these shorts at Goodwill, the shirt at Cotton On, the scarf from my best friend’s closet and this jacket from Ross. And this backpack is from Urban Outfitters. My best friend got it for me. 

CF: Now that we’re getting some cold weather here, do you like dressing up for it? What’s your favorite season?

LM: My favorite season is probably fall just because I love the colors. I don’t like the cold; I like being able to wear these clothes, but I’m more about being warm than fashionable.

CF: What’s your favorite store to shop at?

LM: I really like Goodwill. Any type of thrift store, you can find the most interesting pieces, and no one else is going to have it. It’s so unique.

CF: What’s the best thing you’ve found at Goodwill?

LM: I have this 3D artwork made from wood of this 1920s French bar scene, and you can see the peoples’ heads sticking out of the artwork. It’s gorgeous, and you can see the couple with their wine. It was like two dollars and it’s in my kitchen; it’s pretty rad. Clothing-wise, I got this really cool sweater for a dollar. It’s this black sweater with a faded gold sun on it. I cut the collar, and it’s kind of oversized, so I wear it with leggings. I get so many compliments on it.

CF: If you could travel anywhere for a shopping spree, where would you go?

LM: Paris, because I feel they have this unique style—just the way they put things together is very classic and really unique. I think I’d go there, which is so cliché, but every time I look at pictures from Paris, everyone just looks so chic, but so simple. It’s not like they’re trying to overdo it. I’m jealous, because I feel like I have to overdress to look cool. 

How To: To pull together this layered ensemble, you’ll want to start with a base of sheer black tights with hearts, like these from ASOS. Distress them if you’d like, or keep them whole until time unravels them. Oxblood garments are a huge fall trend, but this burgundy pair of shorts from Forever 21 works just as well. Grab a pashmina from a stand at the mall, throw on any white flowy tank top and slip on a pair of black boots. A flexible faux leather jacket like this Baby Phat bomber from Burlington Coat Factory will top it all off. To add charm to your everyday school attire, pick up some personalized buttons or brooches to embellish your backpack.


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