Fashionista Spotlight

Winter season officially started last Friday and I am so looking forward to seeing what this winter has in store when it comes to fashion. I am anticipating a lot of layered looks as the cold weather has slowly but surely settled in. Last week I spotted Lauren, a stylish Fashionista, wearing a cute outfit fit for the weather. She considers her style to be very comfortable and loves it.

Name: Lauren McKoy

Major: Economics

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Would you consider yourself to be a Fashionista?

Lauren McKoy: To be honest, no, I wear what I feel is comfortable.

CF: Name five fashionable items in your closet that you love to wear the most or can wear with a lot of outfits?

LM: Jessica Simpson purse, my tan leather jacket, my gun ring, Jessica Simpson heels and some items I get from Express. I love Express.

CF: Which season would you say has showcased the most fashionable trends?

LM: Fall, becasue you can layer your outfits more.

CF: What do you think is the most important part of a well put together outfit?

LM: Shoes! My mother always told me that you can have on a nice outfit, but if your shoes aren't nice it's a waste.

How to:  Express is one of this Fashionista's favorite places to shop. They have wonderful choices to help create a similar outfit or a layered look for this upcoming winter season. I happen to love a nice leather jacket that is a neutral color and can go very well with anything. That particular leather jacket could be styled with tops like this Chiffon shirt or a cute button-up, similar to the one Lauren is wearing in the photos. Of course you can never go wrong finishing your look with a nice pair of skinny jeans, wonderfu accessories such as earings, a handbag and last but not least a good pair of shoes to complete a great looking outfit!


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