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Striding along to class, without a doubt this Fashionista’s flare of a fairytale, classic, and military interpretation is notable to catch anyone’s gaze. With a glimpse of her tutu peeking beneath the relaxed-toned knit sweater gave the outfit an impression of creativity, while her white boots provides a freshness to the entire look. Her supporting of classic pieces like her vintage briefcase supplies a uniqueness and is what really defines her fashion. Fusing current trends generates an inexperienced personal fashion, making this Fashionsita stand out from the crowd. Her outfit is simple but statement worthy, tossing up many impressions of flirtation, comfort, and youth.

Subject: Kolby Kyff

Major: Communications, with a concentration in creative advertising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite fall fashion trend?

Kolby Kyff: My favorite fall fashion trend is the look of high socks, boots, and shorts. Or shorts with tights and boots. To me fall is all about the transition of warm weather to chilly weather so why not get the most out of it!

CF: What will be your most warn item for the winter weather?

KK: I love scarves, so probably my new lacoste oversized cream scarf. Its a great piece that is so versatile and it dress-up or dress-down an outfit.

CF: Where do you get your inspiration for your personal style?

KK: I typically get my inspiration from the people around me more than anything. I take note of different pieces or ensembles that I like and I put my own personal flare to them. Nylon magazine also inspires me as well. And of course, MARY KATE OLSEN!!! everything she wears looks not overdone and put-together which i like because its a comfortable look!

CF: Where do you like to shop?

KK: I love vintage stores! Beacon's closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a personal favorite. But I also appreciate boutiques because they bring in brands that arent necessarily found in the mall as much.

How to: Merging and layering dissimilar pieces in your wardrobe will present a different out take on the final outcome of your outfit. By putting together different combinations of pieces while pleasing the eye, will add some definition and spunk to your look. Instead of wearing a vintage T-shirt, jean shorts, that is paired with boots or sneakers, add some glittery oxfords, or something girly to alter the trend. Shooting for this Fashionista’s look, instead of her wearing a knitted sweater, jeans, and boots, she added a tutu — really transforming her look to make it more feminine and original. You can make a tutu skirt purchase or find a surplus of mesh dresses at H&M, in which for either items you would then top yourself with a knit sweater. Make sure the tutu (also known as a tulle skirt) or mesh dress is not too thick in diameter because then with the sweater on top of it, it can make you look larger and that is not necessary! Adding classic extras like riding boots or this Fashionista’s brown leather briefcase adds a timeless element to the mix. Make sure your color palette all compliment each other, and try to stay with a neutral palette, because it creates a traditional yet youthfull essence and comfort to this Fashionista’s look.







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