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This week has been a little slice of sunshine at University of Delaware. Students litter the green reading and lounging, playing Frisbee and volleyball and soaking up the welcome rays. Sorry we’re not sorry for missing class — it’s just far too beautiful out there to stay inside!

While I strolled the campus today in search of spring style, a soccer ball bounced straight into me, just missing the camera slung over my shoulder. Note to self: now that spring is here, beware of flying objects on the green. Also, be aware that now that spring is here, sundresses are the look of choice on campus.

This Fashionista’s look is the epitome of the essential spring classic at UD. Her almost-neon teal pop of color stood out among the coral and salmon shades I saw so often, and pairing the dress with nude knee-high boots was perfect for celebrating spring and keeping up with the transitional season.

Name: Kim Ashton

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Graduate Student

CollegeFashionista: What are you most excited about for the warm seasons ahead?

Kim Ashton: Sundresses! I own about a million sundresses and I wear nothing else between April and September.

CF: Speaking of sundresses, what is your favorite way to accessorize a simple dress like this one?

KA: I would say sandals, a sweater like a cardigan and just a little bit of jewelry.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

KA: Pretty simply, just looking at other people.

CF: Have you ever been abroad, and did you notice differences in fashion or similarities between home and a foreign city?

KA: I traveled to England, Spain and Australia. The biggest differences I saw were in England. I felt like there was no single look there. Everybody was all over the place; it was like a free-for-all!

CF: Do you have any advice for a student dressing on a college budget?

KA: Make sure you have a good pair of jeans. They’re easy to pair with a nice sweater. I feel like it’s rude to show up to class in just sweats, especially as a grad student, you know your professors and you definitely want them to feel like you care about being in their class.

How To: With the transition into the spring season, finding a bright-colored sundress should be like fishing with dynamite. Scan your favorite brands and shops to find what you’re looking for. A big trend this season is neon — in person, this Fashionista’s dress is super vibrant. Pairing a bold color with neutral or nude boots was a great style move, so don’t retire those fall boots just yet! Finally, take a tip from this Fashionista and go light on the jewelry — her vintage-inspired green earrings really emphasize the color of the dress and that’s all she needed.


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