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Have you ever wondered what a cat might say if he or she could talk? Well, it might be something like “Meow you doin?” Not only can this cat talk, but Carl (that is what I decided to name him) is wearing thick black glasses and a bow tie! He must be feline stylish. I love when animals are printed on T-shirts and skirts. They bring a lot of personality to your everyday outfit. This Fashionista definitely has a puuurrrrfect outfit for the fall season.

Name: Kayleigh Lamphere

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Kayleigh Lamphere: Ok, the pants are Forever 21. This really cute cat shirt is actually from PacSun. PacSun has really cute graphic T-shirts. The jacket is from a consignment store that I used to work at and the boots are from Target. Everything is pretty cheap and expensive, but really cute when you put it together.

CF: What color do you love to wear and why?

KL: I would have to say neutrals. Very earthy tones like browns and tans because they compliment my skin very well. Also, they go with a lot of different outfit choices.

CF: Is there anything you are excited to wear for the fall season?

KL: I would definitely have to say boots. I’m not really big into heels. Just the simple, laid back and long up to your knees boots.

CF: Why do you think fashion is important?

KL: I would say it’s a way for you to express yourself especially in college. Everyone is still trying to find out who they are. So, I think fashion is a good way to start a conversation with someone like how we are.

How To: Want to be the cat’s meow? If you do not like one large print in the middle of your shirt, try this navy fox print tee. If you do, wear this adorable lazy cat sweater, or this cat eyeglasses sweater from ModCloth. Cover up with this jacket from Free People and put this beanie on your head. Finally, keep your feet warm with these boots! Don’t paws and get your cat sweater right meow! I promise that is my last pun.


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