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Spring has finally come to those of us in Philadelphia. With a week of predicted weather forecasts at over 70 degrees and sunny, I’m starting to feel like I’m back at home in Southern California — where today’s Fashionista, Katy, hails from as well! For this spring, flaunt that statement piece that you were either too cold to wear during the winter or thought it was maybe a little too much — it isn’t. This season is all about those wacky flowing skirts with asymmetrical hemlines, those adorable dresses with the cutest cutouts and that billowy, see-through blouse. Happy spring, everybody!

Name: Katy Villanueva

Major: Health & Societies/Undecided

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: That’s such a great poncho! How and where did you find it?

Katy Villanueva: I got the poncho at this little boutique in my hometown Santa Barbara; it’s my favorite thing though!

CF: How would you characterize your own personal style?

KV: I would characterize my style as pretty casual, very California-esque. And very dominated by Lululemon.

CF: Who is a style icon of yours?

KV: As far as style icons go, I love the blog Fashiontoast. I also really like the way that Aria (from Pretty Little Liars) dresses — kind of bohemian chic.

CF: What would you say is your current favorite trend?

KV: My favorite trend is definitely denim and leather jackets! They have been and always will be in style for me. Skirts and dresses with the high-to-low asymmetrical hems are amazing right now too.

How To: Throw a quick, bold colored poncho over a simple outfit of black leggings and flats. The perfect, super light and comfortable look for spring!


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