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From the defenses of the sweatpant-wearing students of Notre Dame, one must expect that fashion and comfort are fated to remain disparate entities, never to meet in one perfect outfit. But au contraire! This week’s Fashionista sees no reason to believe such a union cannot occur, and she proves it by rocking a fall-to-winter ensemble that’s both cozy and chic. Mixing luxurious textures and layering up for the chilly winds, this fierce Fashionista demonstrates just how comfy style can be.

Name: Katrina Emery
Major: Marketing & Applied Computation Mathematics and Statistics
Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?
Kate Emery: A paisley scarf, gold tear-drop earrings, and small pendant necklace from Kohls, an American Eagle green army jacket, a white long sleeve tee from Ann Taylor Loft, dark wash skinny jeans from Gap and knee high two-tone boots from Steve Madden – my favorite!

CF: What was the inspiration for your outfit today?
KE: The inspiration for today's outfit was comfy-chic. Between having to run to class, band rehearsal and meeting up with friends, I just don't have the time be constantly fidgeting with my outfit. The boots and jacket are staples in my wardrobe because I can just throw them on but still look like I put effort into what I'm wearing. Being comfortable and confident is really important to me. 

CF: It’s almost winter, and it’s getting pretty cold. What are three items you can’t live without in this upcoming season?
KE: First, my long, white, ruffled pea coat. My friends love it too because it's really unique and they can spot me on the quad from like a mile away. Second, my Steve Madden black suede boots; the heel makes them really impractical for the winter but I just can't resist the bow. And finally, a big fluffy scarf!

CF: Do the upcoming holidays affect your fashion choices?
KE: Absolutely! I love incorporating the season's colors into my outfits. Fall is my favorite time of year because I can wear all those deep reds and golds. I don't think pieces of an outfit have to necessarily match, but they should “go” (as in, go together). Why not have your outfit “go” with your surroundings!

CF: Who are your fashion icons?
KE: WWBW – What would Beyoncé wear?

How To: Every Fashionista needs at least one pair of go-to pair of jeans – choose a mid- to high-rise style that will allow you to vary the length of your top. Skinny jeans tuck well into boots, but don’t be afraid to try a boot-cut pair! Jeans that flare outwards are often more comfortable than skinny and straight leg cuts. Riding boots like those worn by Elizabeth Zuelke in an earlier post add color and texture to your outfit. Experiment with different shades and combinations to find a pair that suits your wardrobe best. A comfortable sweater or pullover will keep you warm without skimping on style, and including a vibrant scarf like this Thakoon piece gives you a chance to show off your skill with colors. Finish off your outfit with a versatile jacket like this Burberry anorak or a coat like this one from BB Dakota.


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